The Ascent ICE Chest Locations Guide

In this The Ascent ICE Chest Locations guide, we’ll give away all the locations of the ICE chests present in the game and how to unlock them in The Ascent.

The Ascent ICE Chest Locations

An action role-playing game is not complete without a couple of mystery chests spread across the map. Neon wasn’t letting us down with The Ascent either.

There are five chests located across the map. However, they’re locked with ICE. To unlock them, you’ll have to hack into them with none other than your CyberDeck.

Each chest comes with a different ICE level, which means you’ll require different CyberDeck upgrades to unlock all of them.

If you haven’t yet upgraded your CyberDeck and you come across an ICE chest, you won’t be able to open it. However, we’ve given all the ICE chest locations below, and you can return to them once your CyberDeck has been upgraded.

ICE Chest Location 1

This chest is locked by ICE-2, and it is found towards the mid of Cluster 13. Make your way to the Bartender and then look south to find this chest.

ICE Chest Location 2

This is an ICE-3 chest located inside the Ascent Group building. It is located towards the back of the entrance hall.

ICE Chest Location 3

Here we have another ICE-2 chest that is found while you’re on your way to the Node.

Before you enter one of the elevators while traveling through The Glut, look for a door between the two elevators.

The door leads you to a small room that contains the third ICE chest.

ICE Chest Location 4

To locate the fourth ICE chest, you’ll have to head over to Tham’s Gate. Once you’re at the gate, start moving towards Cosmodrome Terminals.

On your way, you’ll come across a wall on your east. Look at the backside of the wall to spot the chest. This is an ICE-1 chest.

ICE Chest Location 5

Now, for the last ICE chest, make your way to the Power Distribution panel. You’ll be present at this location when you’re asked to hack the Tokamak reactor during the fourth mission of the game.

When you’re at the Power Distribution panel, look towards the north, and you’ll find this last chest. This is an ICE-1 chest.

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