The Ascent On Game Pass PC To Get DLSS, Ray Tracing, Fixes

The Ascent was recently released on PC but with two different versions. There is the Steam version which packs features like DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) and ray tracing, and then there is the Xbox Game Pass PC version which notably lacks the said features and more.

Taking to Twitter on the weekend, developer Neon Giant confirmed that it has been working with its partners to address the issues as quickly as possible.

The Ascent will be brought “up to parity” and which means that its Xbox Game Pass PC version will be updated to include support for both DLSS and ray tracing. That as well as fix other concerns such as levels loading twice as long on the Xbox Game Pass PC version compared to on the Steam version.

Since everyone has been musing over why the game received two PC versions at release, Neon Giant explained that both versions require different build processes. There was never an option to release the same version on both storefronts.

Take note that the recent clarifications should not be taken for the Xbox version which does not support ray tracing by default. The PC versions will be the only ones to exclusively have ray-traced lighting and reflections.

Back in May, creative director Tor Frick confirmed that The Ascent will provide the same graphical experience on both the previous- and current-generation Xbox consoles. The dense crowds of civilians are crucial for the cyberpunk-themed game and as such, optimizations were assured to enable as close an experience on the more powerful Xbox Series X as on the older Xbox One.

The Ascent looks stunning and is now available on all supported platforms.

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