The Ascent Foreign Code Walkthrough 

This walkthrough for The Ascent will help you through the sixth main story mission in the game, Foreign Code. We’ll take you through each encounter and objective step by step. 

The Ascent Foreign Code

In The Ascent’s Foreign Code mission, you’ll face off against many tanky enemy mobs and ultimately face off against the X28 Boss. Read on to find out how you can easily strafe and fire your way through the mission!

Investigating Onyx Void

You get Kira’s call for this mission to start. After the call, a new icon for the mission will appear in the high street tier for the Node. When you head to this area, keep in mind that enemies here are level 19, meaning they’ll be plenty tanky. 

In the Node, sell any items you have to the vendors that you have and get your uCreds. With everything done, next, follow the objective marker to towards the Node’s center. Here, hack the console and crash Blimp Traffic Control. This clears the OV Chapter so that you can get in easy. 

With the blimp out of the way, it’s time to head on for the mission. Get to the north of Node, near the Grafter. Move into the alley between the Grafter and OV Chapter. The back door of the OV Chapter will be open for you to access. 

Head inside the OV Chapter, move up the stairs and get the Skill Point in the room on the right. Inside the last room in the same side, you can get the P9000 Roomsweeper, an SMG with a high fire-rate. With this, keep on heading down the corridor. 

As you move on, a cutscene will start and you will see 438 Hung discussing the details of a shipment of some isotopes with a woman. Once the cutscene is over, you need to head in the room where 438 Hung was talking to the woman.

Move around the room, down the stairs and into the room from the first door. Here, use the terminal at the center to get information on the Data you require. 

The data information shows that it’s moving, and is currently at Dream World Club. Exit the facility and it’s time to pursue the data. A chest can be found outside containing the Javelin Dash Module, which makes your dodge rolls faster.  

Getting to Dream World

Outside the Node, you will have to fight your way to Dream World. Rojin here are stronger and have Monobots at their command. You need a high energy weapon for an easier time.

After you clear out the first Rojin group, get some HP from the vending machine if you need it. Otherwise head on to the next skirmish across the foot bridge. 

Across the bridge, you will face two Monobots with hammers. Keep your distance and keep on shooting with any high energy weapon.

Do watch out as they might shoot rockets your way. Once you are done with them, clear out any remaining Rojins and head on. You will find more Monobots along the way, just repeat the process. 

Once you enter CorpZone, the Rojins here will be even stronger than the ones before. It’s best to get weapon upgrades as you enter here because you will die a lot.

Keep heading on and get to Dream World. A few blocks before Dream World, use the vending Machine to refill your health and grab any other useful supplies. You are heading into another fight. 

In the Dream World, you realize you have been lured into an ambush. The dance floor has little cover for you. There’s plenty of room to strafe and dodge but if you need cover, you can use the staircase near the entrance as cover.

Defeat the first group of enemies and then you can head on to the back of the club. There are many vending machines inside the club also, so you can heal before doing so.  

You will move from the club to a Spa building adjacent to the club. Here, you will find a more suitable cover for yourself. The enemies in this Spa building are mostly melee, so you can hold your position as you kill them from afar.  

As you’re walking through, you can find a chest in the room to your left. This chest will contain an augmentation.

Keep going on until the changing rooms, here more enemies will be waiting for you. Take them out, then continue. In this area, you can open the lockers and loot items and uCreds from them. On the other side of the changing rooms, go through the red corridor to exit the building.  

You are on the streets now. Here, head east on the path to the lower left. You are late, but just in time to see the shipping master evacuating on a transport. 

Pursuing the Shipping Master

The shipping master has evacuated and is off to Cosmodrome. You need to head there. Head south towards the CorpZone transit. Station. From here, you can travel to Tham’s Gate station. Enemies will be surrounding the station, but are easy to deal with.

Cross the 2D-esque bridge and then through the lounges on the other side. You will see the ship docked at the end of Cosmodrome.  

Use the stall in the lounges as cover and keep on killing the enemies. Though low level and weaker, there are numerous enemies here and can be hard to handle, so keep on killing them to decrease their numbers.

Look in the area left of the map to get various collectibles such as CyberDeck Upgrades, then head north towards the private departure bays. 

As you get close, you will be informed of the specific docking bay as well. Head to docking bay 94 and clear the troops guarding the door. 

Inside the bay, get to the upper walkway in the right corner. Here, you need to access the control panel to close the doors before the chip leaves. Here, a chest can be found nearby with armor.

You have stopped them, and now you will walk to the opposite side of the upper walkway. Use the vending machine on the way, as you are going into the upcoming boss fight. 

X28 Havoc

The shipping master is angry and has sent X28 Havoc to take care of you once and for all. It is a hovering mech that will pursue around the docking bay. Once you defeat X28 Havoc, the mission is complete.

You have a good opportunity, while in the Cosmodrome to explore and find the various collectibles nearby, but otherwise, job well done. And with that, the Foreign Code mission of The Ascent is complete.

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