The Ascent Empowerment Walkthrough 

In our The Ascent Empowerment walkthrough will help you complete the Empowerment mission in The Ascent and give you tips on how to defeat the final boss.

The Ascent Empowerment

Empowerment is the fourth mission in The Ascent, and it is given to you by Poone. You’ll have to talk to Poone in Serenity Plus to kickstart the mission.

Go To the Reactor Facilities

The mission will begin once the cutscene is over, and you’ll find yourself in Serenity Plus. Make your way to the door and head outside into Cluster 13.

While in Cluster 13, keep descending the stairs until you find yourself in Pod Lot. This is where you’ll face your first set of enemies. These enemies are quite easy to fight.

Take them out, and make your way to Arcology: Warrens. Enter the maintenance sector and head right. You’ll come across an elevator on your left. Board the elevator and select Arcology: DeepStick as your destination.

When you exit the elevator, follow the waypoint marker at the bottom of your screen. Soon, you’ll run into some Ferals, and they’ll attack you from all sides. However, they, too, are quite easy to defeat.

Your next destination would be Waste Recycling Network. Look out for a CyberDeck upgrade in this region. You’ll be bombarded by Ferals throughout.

The waypoint will soon lead you to a closed yellow shielded door. To open the shield, you’ll have to use the computer nearby.

Head through the door to fight some more antagonists. The first few Ferals would be easy to defeat. However, a few Papa Ferals are waiting for you a little down the path.

For the Papa Ferals, watch out for their lunge and explosive attacks. Keep falling back and at the same time keep shooting at them to defeat them.

Once the enemies have been taken care of, continue following the waypoint marker and head down the stairs.

A little down the path, you’ll enter RBM-5.

Boost Cooling System

You’ll run into several enemies in this region. However, the ones in the beginning, are only baby Ferals, and you know your way around them pretty well.

Look around for any collectibles. There are plenty of them in this region. However, the majority of them will be locked for now. You can always return for them later in the game.

If there comes a time when you’re surrounded by the enemies and they are way more in number than you can handle, then use your explosives.

Keep following the waypoint marker, and you’ll come across another kind of antagonist, the Monobots. They’ll be slightly immune to the standard ballistic weapon that you’ve been using until now.

You can use energy weapons if you have any. Else you can just stun them to give you some more time and take them out using your ballistic weapon.

Take your time to defeat the Monobots and then head over to the Cooling Control room to fight a few more enemies. However, there are plenty of pillars in this room for you to take cover. Fights here would be comparatively easier.

There are also E77 Superior rifles lying around on the floor that can assist you in your battle. Once the enemies have been taken care of, access the Auxiliary Cooling System.

Upon exiting the Cooling Control room, you’ll run into a few more enemies. Defeat them and keep following the waypoint marker.

You’ll come across a bunch of crates along the way with plenty of useful items such as Ucred and health.

The waypoint marker will lead you to the Control Rod Assembly, which you’ll have to interact with. This will increase the energy output, and then you’ll be given a new objective.

Override Distribution Hub

Your waypoint marker will now lead you to the Power Distribution Panel. However, there’ll be plenty of enemies in your way.

One of these enemies will drop an Augmentation ability. This will help you with the remaining enemies.

Once at the Power Distribution Panel, activate it.

Conceal the Drain from the Tokamak SI

Scout the region for any health item as you’ll need it for the final boss fight and then make your way to the reactor.

Megarachnoid Boss Fight 

The final boss for this mission is Megarachnoid. This boss deals a good amount of fire damage to you and is one of the most difficult bosses in the game.

Therefore, equip an armor best suited against fire-type damage. The key to winning this battle is keeping as much distance as possible from the boss.

The attacks that you need to look out for are the baby spiders that it sends your way and small yellow canisters. The canisters, too, eventually turn into baby spiders.

The baby spiders are quick on their feet, and they explode right in your face. Therefore, you’ll have to shoot them from a distance and prevent them from getting close to you.

As far as Canisters are concerned, you can hack into them and neutralize the threat. For your offense, maintain a safe distance and don’t stop shooting. Defeating the boss will lead you to another cutscene, and this will mark the completion of the mission.

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