The Ascent Double Charge Walkthrough

In the Ascent, there are many side quests that can be pursued along with the main story missions. One of these side quests is Double Charge. In this guide, we will explain everything there is to know about Double Charge side quest in the Ascent.

The Ascent Double Charge

In order to complete this side quest, you need to kill 10 enemies using Stasis Overcharge. The recommended power level for this quest is 7. The objective of this side quest seems simple enough, but the game does not explain what Stasis Overcharge is and how to perform it either.

Stasis Overcharge

In the Ascent, Stasis Overcharge is an attack effect that stops enemies from moving and does extra damage to them. If this extra damage accumulates to their total health, then they will overcharge, causing them to explode.

In the Ascent, the Stasis Overcharge effect can only be caused by some special weapons/equipment. The best way to get Stasis Overcharge is through the Stasis Drone.

How to get the Stasis Drone in The Ascent

The Stasis Drone can be purchased from the Cyber Vendor located in Cluster 13. The Stasis Drone will cost you 22,000 uCreds. But once you have purchased the Stasis Drone, you will easily be able to perform the Stasis Overcharge on the enemies.

How to Stasis Overcharge in The Ascent

Once you purchase the Stasis Drone, go to your loadout and equip it in the tactical slot. When in combat, wait till your tactical gauge is charged up and then use the Stasis Drone. The Stasis Drone will fly to certain areas around you and form an area of effect circle around you, firing at single opponents and putting them in stasis.

After then, you must shoot the individual who is in stasis. They will grow in size and then explode and kill them. Perform this 10 times to complete the Double Charge kill objective and complete the side quest.

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