The Ascent Anabolic Express Walkthrough

The Ascent is filled with many side quests, and Anabolic Express is one of them. Although it’s one of the most straightforward quests in the game, it can still get confusing. So, In this walkthrough, we’ll be going through the Anabolic Express side quest of The Ascent and provide some tips to complete it efficiently. Let’s Begin!

The Ascent Anabolic Express

The Anabolic Express is one of the most accessible side quests from The Ascent and can become an easy source for Ucreds.

Moreover, your task is far from complex as it only requires you to go to the Node and interact with Merlee to obtain the boosters. However, it wouldn’t take you long enough to realize that the side quest’s description is wrong data input and misleads you. There’s a big obstacle that stops you from completing the simple task.

Although the mission information suggests that it’s a level 2 task, it wouldn’t take you long to discover that you need to actually be level 10 to complete this quest. To find out the obstacle, simply start the quest as you would typically do.

Upon beginning, you’ll have a mission marker that will navigate you in the right direction. Follow it till you reach an elevator.

Now ideally, you would get on the elevator and enter the Cluster 13 main hub area. But unfortunately, the elevator won’t work. Yep, this is your obstacle.

You can try opening the elevator doors and get on it. However, no matter what you do, you won’t be able to make it work. This is because the elevator will only function once you’ve reached level 10.

This leads us to the conclusion that the side quest will only be completed once you’ve reached the required level. It’s only then can you benefit from the rewards as well.

So, combat your way to Level 10 and get on the elevator to access the main hub area. Once you’re in the Node, make your way to Arcology and from there to the ‘High Street Door.’

Now keep following the maker till you find Merlee towards the west of the Node Market Place. Once you’ve found Merlee, take the items from him and make your way back to Atticus to complete the quest.


When you complete the quest, you’ll be rewarded with some experience points and 8,000 Ucreds.

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