The Ascent 438 Hung Boss Guide

As you enter the room where the Board Meeting in The Ascent takes place. You enter a scene of chaos and bloodshed. In this guide, we’ll be showing you how to beat the 438 Hung boss in The Ascent.

The Ascent 438 Hung Boss

Soon after you witness the board members getting killed off, a giant ship crashes through the front part of the building and into the Board Meeting room. And out jumps the same mammoth who slaughtered the Board members. Only this time he will have a huge hammer with him.

Moves and Abilities

  • 438 Hung takes big swings at you with his hammer, if you get close.
  • If a yellow circular dome appears in an area, he will land a devastating blow inside of the area highlighted by the dome. The highlighted area will receive an area of effect damage with three linear shockwaves traveling outwards.
  • The 438 Hung boss may jump towards you, landing with a devastating blow to the ground with his hammer, if you and he are at a distance.
  • The boss sends out mini drones that have a highlighted red circle around them. Once you enter this area, the drones explode.

How to Beat 438 Hung Boss

The 438 Hung Boss has a few tricks up its sleeve that you might find otherwise difficult in your first try. With these strategic tips, we’ll show you How to Beat 438 Hung Boss in the Ascent.

Keep Moving!

The strategy to the 438 Hung Boss fight is to be always on the move. Be mindful of the walls, try to stay in open areas as much as you can. The pillars and desks are your allies, try maneuvering around them as you avoid the lunge attacks and the goons of the boss.

Set Up Turrets and Spiders

Lay down your spiders to attack the boss and set up defensive turrets too if you can. These will serve as good distractions while you steadily bring down his hp from your own guns, from a safe distance.

Be Careful of the Shockwaves

Avoid the yellow dome and once the boss’s direction is set, the three shockwaves will travel in a cone towards the direction he is facing so get to his blindsides, to the left or to the right quickly.

The 438 Hung Boss fight is pretty straightforward. Deal with any smaller goons quickly, avoid the incoming exploding drones, by taking them out. If you fail to do so, you can always dodge out of it by timing it right.

The boss will go down pretty quickly if you keep hurting him from your main firearms, and the fight will be over pretty quickly. Just keep moving and maintain a safe distance.

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