Terry Crews Wants Mother 3 Localized

It can be a weird sensation when you find out a celebrity you admire is a gamer, so it might come as a shock to some people that Terry Crews, known both for his football career and various television appearances, just today demanded that Nintendo localize Mother 3 out of nowhere.

Crews is one of many celebrities who has been hiding their nerdy side until recently. Alongside Henry Cavill being an avid gamer, Vin Diesel playing Dungeons and Dragons, and more, Crews, who once played professional football and has since made a name for himself on TV through roles on Brooklyn 99 and appearances in Old Spice commercials, also plays DND, along with other video games.

Mother 3 has constantly been a cry from many fans of the Earthbound series (known as the “Mother” series in Japan) who have wanted the game released abroad. The game was never released outside of Japan, though its immediate predecessor, the original Mother, was. This trilogy is where Ness and Lucas come from in the Super Smash Brothers games. Lucas is Mother 3’s protagonist

Since Earthbound became a phenomenon when it was released outside of Japan, including extremely dark and disturbing themes despite its colorful atmosphere, many fans of Earthbound have been wanting Mother 3 as well, especially since it’s been 15 years since it first released.

While there is an unofficial English fan translation available outside of Japan, that’s not really the same for many people (including, apparently, Terry Crews), who want to be able to play the game legitimately in English (especially since English fan-translations are often somewhat unreliable.)

Over the past several years, games that used to be exclusively sold in Japan have been making inroads to the West, such as the Yakuza series, the Super Robot Wars series, and most recently Nier Replicant, which for the past few years was only available in Japan.

Only time will tell if Terry Crews and other Earthbound fans will eventually get through to Nintendo and get the game localized, but there’s always a chance that demand might eventually reach Nintendo and get them to release it.