Terry Bogard Will Be The Focus Of Tomorrow’s Nintendo Livestream

If you’re one of those fighting game fans that’s really excited about Terry Bogard coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate, tomorrow has a treat for you. Before he launches into the game, Smash director Masahiro Sakurai will be hosting a 45-minute livestream focused around the upcoming character at 5AM, Pacific Time.

Terry Bogard is a character from the Fatal Fury series of fighting games, best known for his various Engrish catchphrases that have led to him becoming something of a meme. Terry will be the next most notable fighting game character to enter Super Smash Bros.

Other main characters from fighting games, including Ryu in Super Smash Bros Wii U, and Ken in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, have already been added to the game, and considering Fatal Fury’s history as one of the multiple big-name fighting game franchises, it would be a shame if Terry were left out.

The Ninendo Livestream that will show us everything there is to know about Terry Bogard will have more than enough content to fill its 45-minute timeslot, as Sakurai and the interviewers plan on going in-depth on all of Terry’s moves.

Much like Ken and Ryu, it’s likely that Terry will have his full roster of normal moves to be used in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, though we don’t know anything about him as of yet. Terry was first announced to be coming to Smash Bros back in early September, but we got no information about his moves.

Considering how varied that Nintendo has been with the other DLC characters and their own moves, hopefully Terry will be made with just as much care and be able to kick just as much butt as everyone else.

It’s possible as well that Terry Bogard will be getting released onto Super Smash Bros Ultimate later that day, considering how early the livestream will be. But, we’ll just have to wait and see in the meantime.