Terraria Coming to European and Australian PSN

Alright guys, now you officially have no excuse to not try it out. Publisher 505 Games has just announced that the Minecraft-esqe survival RPG Terraria is coming to the European and Australian Playstation Stores on the 15th of this month.

The game will be biting you for €14.99 / £11.99 of your wallet, but really, it’s sort of worth it. Originally created for PC, console versions of Terraria were recently released on Xbox 360 worldwide and PS3 in North America.

However, the European version was delayed and producer David Welch said he was ‘truly gutted that the game couldn’t come out with the other versions’, but that they were ‘in submission now and will release very soon’.

Unfortunately, the only word we have on when the Vita version comes out is ‘Sometime this summer’. Oh and one last thing I almost forgot, Playstation Plus members will be getting a 10% discount on its regular price.

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