Terraria Co-Creator Cancels Stadia Port After Getting Blocked By Google

Google Stadia has lost Terraria right after deciding to close its first-party doors to exist solely as a third-party cloud-powered platform.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, co-creator Andrew Spinks stated that he will be cancelling Terraria for Google Stadia because his “company will no longer support” Google or any of its platforms moving forward.

The angry ultimatum stems from Spinks losing access to all of his Google accounts about a couple of weeks back. The supposed ban has cost him his 15-year-old Gmail account, all data stored in his Google Drive account, and thousands of dollars worth of applications purchased on his Google Play account.

Following a “runaround” since January 16 last month, Spinks has decided to “burn this bridge” and cancel Terraria for Google Stadia. While the situation may turn around yet, the series of angry tweets actually confirmed the game to be in development for Stadia. Prior to the somewhat official confirmation, fans had come across a rating and release date for a Google Stadia port on the weekend.

Terraria was released in 2011 and has since then landed on nearly every single platform out there. The game sold more than 30 million copies worldwide by April 2020 which was an increment of nearly 18 million copies since June 2015.

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