Tencent’s New Zombie Game Is A Days Gone Clone

Zombie games seem to be well-hyped these days. First came Resident Evil, then Days Gone, and now Tencent seems to be making its own zombie/survival-themed shooter game which is similar to Sony’s Days Gone.

Despite the somewhat controversial launch, Sony Bend’s Days Gone was no doubt a commercial success. And now, it seems China’s Tencent Interactive Entertainment (TIE) is going for something similar with its new zombie/survival shooter “代号: 生机”, whose English translation is “Code: Live”.

Tencent’s new zombie game bears an undoubtedly strange resemblance with Sony’s Days Gone. With similar themes, locations, scenes, and core gameplay mechanics, one can even argue that it is downright a copy.

Right now, not much is known about the game except for the gameplay reveal trailer. The trailer in question shows the graphics, some core gameplay footage, along with environments and weaponry.

A YouTuber named “KOO KO” even made a comparison video which shows how Tencent Interactive Entertainment (TIE) has basically just copied Sony’s Days Gone. Ironically, Tencent Interactive Entertainment (TIE) even has a similar name with Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE).

KOO KO’s comparison video starts at 4:45 mark and is definitely worth the look.

Clearly, these similarities aren’t random but the strangeness doesn’t end there. According to information, “代号: 生机 or “Code: Live” will be an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC and will only release on Huawei smartphones only in China.

Of course, this could an indirect retaliation of the recent Huawei/Trump controversy in the US. Huawei has been banned from Google’s Android, the Wi-Fi Alliance, and tech relations from companies in the US. Furthermore, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, has also a new 25% import tax on all electronic parts and products coming from China.

The new tariff could even affect the prices of next-gen console hardware such as Sony’s PlayStation 5. So this could be a counter tactic by China’s Tencent. Essentially creating a multiplayer zombie shooter clone of Days Gone but only releasing it in China and on Huawei smartphones.

Just quite recently, it was also announced that China’s Tencent Holdings Ltd and Riot Games’ U.S. unit are partnering up to bring the massively successful MOBA, League of Legends, to mobile devices. Tencent is also bringing EA’s Apex Legends to devices. Call of Duty also has a mobile port that is distributed by Tencent.

It will be interesting to see just how Tencent’s new zombie game “代号: 生机 or “Code: Live” performs once it releases. It is likely the game will eventually come to other countries under a different name. It is unlikely it will come to the US if the situation doesn’t deescalate in the coming months.