Tencent’s Latest Ace Force Brings Overwatch’s Gameplay To Mobile Devices

Ace Force learns from the best and improves upon the formulas set by other games. It’s the latest hero-shooter from Tencent that draws inspiration from Overwatch, Apex Legends, and Borderlands and combines it with anime-like character design.

Ace Force was released earlier this week but even before its official launch, the game managed to draw more than 13 million pre-registered users from China alone. After its release, Ace Force managed to climb on top of the iOS download chart in the App Store. Even now, Ace Force sits at China’s Top 25 Highest Grossing Games on the App Store.

Right off the bat, one of the most interesting things about Ace Force’s gameplay is its unmissable style inspired by Japanese anime. Another thing that you may notice is how similar the game’s first-person perspective HUD looks like to Overwatch.

It is understandable why game developers would want to incorporate some of Overwatch’s mechanics into the game. After all, Overwatch has become a massive phenomenon in gaming culture since its release back in 2016. Overwatch is easily one of the best team-based multiplayer first-person shooters of recent time. It is highly successful, bringing in over US$1 billion in revenue during the first year of its release and more than 40 million players after two years.

Ace Force puts an emphasis on co-op gameplay and gives players the opportunity to play from a roster of characters—each having their own unique skills and traits. Players can choose from a long-range sniper to a mid-range gunner or a healer. This creates a dynamic force in each team.

Since Ace Force is a mobile game for iOS and Android devices, the game features aim assist. This means if your crosshair is aimed near an enemy, then it will automatically snap onto the enemy. Aim assist primarily exists only to make gameplay easier, especially when playing on a phone that has a small screen.

From its first impressions, Ace Force feels inspired by Overwatch but it doesn’t steal from it. It looks like anime but it doesn’t steal from it either. Once you play it and get to know it, Tencent’s Ace Force feels strangely unique in its own way.

Ace Force isn’t the only thing Tencent is currently working on at the moment. Riot Games and Tencent are also working on a League of Legends game for mobile which is expected to release soon.