Tencent Working on An Open World AAA Game for PS5 and Xbox Series X

Tencent is a huge name in the video game industry. New reports states that Tencent to be opening up a game development studio, which is working on a next-gen AAA open-world game.

The report comes from GamesIndustry along with information about the new Tencent studio. Its name will be LightSpeed Studio and will be stationed in Los Angeles. There’s not much we know about the team behind it, except for Rockstar ex-director Steve Martin. Martin will be the Studio Head as well as the executive producer. He shared his first statement following the announcement, saying:

“We’re ushering a new era of game culture by combining world-class development with a stress-free work environment. From day one, our teams will be focused on building the highest caliber games while promoting integrity, proactivity, collaboration, and creativity.”

You might already remember the name Lightspeed in relation to Tencent, although it’s far from next-gen video game development. Lightspeed & Quantum is already a Tencent studio and the developer of PUBG Mobile.

The new studio is another addition to the ranks, focusing on high-end AAA titles. This will be the second big announcement, after the news about OtherSide Entertainment, developer of System Shock 3 being acquired by Tencent.

For the time being, we know that this Tencent powered studio will be working on a next-gen AAA open-world title. This doesn’t come as a surprise since an AAA game needs more than 6 months to release. Perfect timing for the release of Playstation 5 and Xbox One X.

Sources claim that Lightspeed Studio has recruited industry veterans from huge developer companies, creating a super team for future video games. With the expertise of names previously working with Rockstar, 2K Games and Respawn Entertainment as well as the financial power of Tencent, there’s not much that can go wrong for Lightspeed Studio.

We still don’t know when this new mysterious Tencent AAA next-gen open-world game will get its first announcement. However, the future looks bright for Lightspeed Studios.

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