Temtem Taifu Locations, How to Catch, Evolve and Stats

This guide will help you catch a Taifu Temtem with some useful location and other related information so you have an idea of what this creature is like

Here we have the information on Temtem Taifu Locations, How to Catch, Evolve and Stats so you can add this Temtem to your party.

Temtem Taifu Locations, How to Catch, Evolve and Stats

Taifu is a nature type Temtem and it will evolve from Hidody. It is a mint green color quadruped Temtem that has eight limbs.

Taifu has a long body with no visible head and it is like a slightly bent over oval shape. Taifu also has two thick floaty antennae on the top and face has two rounded blue eyes and a mouth.

It is mostly brought up on a diet of stolen cookies and Hidody will then evolve into much more agile Taifu, it is a cute but naughty creature and very serious opponent in battle.

Taifu Base Stats

  • HP: 60
  • Stamina: 87
  • Speed: 45
  • Attack: 50
  • Defense: 45
  • SPAttack: 78
  • SPDefense: 78

Taifu Location
Taifu can be found in the following location(s):

  • It will spawn in The Glassyway area on Omninesia Island.
  • It can also be found in Mokupuni area on the Omninesia Island.

Skills and Techniques
Taifu can learn the following techniques by leveling up:

Lvl Name Type Class Damage Stamina Hold Priority
1 Scratch neutral Physical 20 4 0 Normal
4 Sand Splatter earth Physical 35 7 0 Normal
7 Sharp Leaf nature Physical 50 7 0 Normal
12 Cheer Up neutral Status 7 0 Very High
19 Allergic Spread nature Special 58 18 1 Normal
24 Gaia nature Status 15 3 Very Low
28 Bark Shield nature Status 30 2 Low
37 Dust Vortex earth Special 131 24 1 Normal
48 Frond Whip nature Physical 146 28 1 Low

Following techniques can be learned from technique courses

TC# Name Type Class Damage Stamina Hold Priority
4 Wake Up neutral Physical 1 0 Very High
5 Misogi water(+water) Status 22 2 Normal
9 Antitoxins toxic Status 26 2 Normal
11 Cage neutral Status 16 1 High
17 Relax neutral Status 12 1 Low
18 Major Slash neutral Physical 150 33 1 Normal

Following techniques can be learned by Taifu from breeding

Name Type Class Damage Stamina Hold Priority
Spores nature Special 37 6 0 Normal
Lullaby mental Status 27 2 Low
Water Cutting Lily nature(+water) Physical 120 31 0 High
Sacrifice neutral Status 1 High
Hypoxia wind Special 120 30 0 Normal

Taifu is the final form of the temtem but it is evolved from Hidody. When it is leveled up to 15 times it will get to this second stage of the two stage evolution.


Toxic Farewell: When knocked-out, the attacker gets the poisoned status condition for 3 turns.

Resilient: It cannot be knocked out through over exertion.

Type Defense
Type defense will tell you how much damage a Temtem can take from each other type of Temtem.

  • Neutral: 1x damage
  • Fire: 2x damage
  • Water: 0.5x damage
  • Nature: 0.5x damage
  • Electric: 0.5x damage
  • Earth: 0.5x damage
  • Mental: 2x damage
  • Wind: 1x damage
  • Digital: 1x damage
  • Melee: 1x damage
  • Crystal: 1x damage
  • Toxic: 2x damage