How to Beat Dr Sasaya in Temtem Neoedo Dojo

Neoedo Dojo is the sixth dojo in Temtem and is related to the Electric and Digital elements. You will find...

Neoedo Dojo is the sixth dojo in Temtem and is related to the Electric and Digital elements. You will find a fun and interesting laser puzzle here. Solve it to reach the dojo master, Dr. Sasaya. There you will be going up against lots of strong Temtem belonging to different types of elements. Since the dojo is linked to the Electric and Digital elements, you will find more Temtem to be aligned with those types.

In this guide, we will go over how to gain access to the Neoedo dojo in Temtem and defeat Dr Sasaya to carry on your journey of conquering each dojo.

How to solve laser puzzle to reach Neoedo Dojo

Reaching Neoedo dojo is a rather simple yet interesting feat that might leave some people scratching their heads because a single mistake sends you back to the starting line.

Neoedo Dojo is based on Electric and Digital elements so keeping that theme, the path to reach the dojo is filled with lasers pointing in various orientations with each pattern more confusing and challenging than the last.

Although the task might seem difficult at first if you pay close attention to the patterns of the lasers, you will start to notice the openings that are left in them so that you can easily make your way to the other side of the puzzle.

All you have to do to solve this puzzle is to not touch the lasers and keep going toward the other side of the mini-rooms. On the other side, there will be a lightbox that will trigger when you are close enough and will take you to the next mini-room.

Eventually, after completing 4 sets of laser puzzles in 5 different rooms, you will reach the final room, on the other side of which will be the Neoedo Dojo.

Dr. Sasaya’s Temtem

Dr. Sasaya is the dojo master that you will meet in the Neoedo Dojo, and she will be using the following Temtem in the battle against you.

  • Grumper (Level 54)
  • Nessla (Level 54)
  • Ob10 (Level 55)
  • Amphatyr (Level 61)
  • Mimit (Level 55)
  • Zaobian (Level 64)

Best Temtem to beat Dr. Sasaya

Now that you know what you will be going up against in your battle against the dojo master Dr. Sasaya, you will need to prepare yourself for the battle. Choose the best Temtem that will improve the odds of you defeating Dr. Sasaya.

Platimous: It is a water-type Temtem. Most of the enemy’s Temtem are weak against water so this one is a must-have.

Grumper: Grumper might seem an odd pick. However, this earth-type Temtem is definitely going to play its part when you go up against Ob10.

Nidrasil: Nidrasil is a nature and toxic type Temtem is going to prove strong against the enemy’s Nessla and Amphatyr.

Myx: Myx is another reliable Temtem that belongs to the crystal type and helps you take down Nessla and Amphatyr.

How to defeat Dr. Sasaya in Neoedo Dojo in Temtem

Beating Dr. Sasaya is not hard if you know exactly in what order you should deploy your Temtem. If you strategically use your Temtem, you won’t even have to use all of them. You will finish the battle even before one of your Temtem takes a beating.

You will start the battle by choosing Platimous and Grumper as your first Temtems. They will help you take down Grumper with relative ease as Grumper is weak to almost every element so a water type and an earth type will be sufficient to take him down in 2-3 moves.

When Grumper has been taken down, Dr. Sasaya will call her next Temtem, Amphatyr. You should let your Platimous rest now and send Nidrasil onto the battlefield.

Also, replace Grumper with Myx. By this point, he must have taken quite the beating from the enemy so Myx will be taking the fight from this point onwards.

Myx is a crystal type and can easily take down Amphatyr in a single blow depending on the health it has left but there are high chances that it won’t survive Myx’s attacks for long.

Now use Nidrasil to take down the standing Nessla. With both Temtem down, Dr. Sasaya will send Zaobian and Mimit. We know how weak Zaobian is against water type Temtem so use Myx’s remaining health to bring down both Mimit and Zaobian’s health as low as possible.

When Myx is knocked out then you can send Platimous back into the battle. Use any attack because by that point enemy’s evolved Mimit will be down to the last of its health and even wind could take it out.

To take down Zaobian, just launch powerful water attacks. Within no time it will be down on its knees. It’s time to send out Grumper back onto the battlefield to take on Dr. Sasaya’s last Temtem, Ob10. Use the remaining of your Temtem’s energy to take down the single Ob10 left and that will conclude the battle.

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