How To Beat Tihani In Temtem Nanga Dojo

You have mastered two Dojos but a new challenge is just over the horizon. Nanga Dojo is the third Dojo...

You have mastered two Dojos but a new challenge is just over the horizon. Nanga Dojo is the third Dojo that you are going to master in Temtem. The leader of this Dojo is called Tihani. Nanga Dojo is not an easy nut to crack. However, with the right knowledge of Temtem weaknesses that you’ll be encountering, you can easily complete Nanga Dojo and defeat Tihani.

How to cross the lava pool to reach Nanga Dojo

Nanga dojo is the third Dojo located on the 2nd island known as Omninesia. The layout is quite simple. There are moving marbles over lava.

You need to carefully walk through the moving marbles to cross the pool of lava. You are also going to face some optional tamers along the way.

Two of these tamers are necessary to be taken down before you can challenge Tihani. They all will have temtem ranging from 28 to 33 levels with fire, nature, mental, water and wind types. You will defeat them in order to reach Tihani, the leader of Nanga Dojo.

Tihani’s Temtem

Before going face to face with Tihani, you should know what Temtem Tihani has got. Tihani has a total of 6 temtem which are described below:


  • Level: 33
  • Weak to: Fire & Toxic
  • Resistant to: Electric, Water, Nature, Earth
  • Moves: Allergic Spread (Nature), Double Kick (Nature)


  • Level: 33
  • Weak to: Earth & Water
  • Resistant to: Fire, Nature, Crystal
  • Moves: Embers (Fire), Rage (Melee)


  • Level: 38
  • Weak to: Crystal, Digital, Fire, Toxic
  • Resistant to: Earth, Water, Nature, Melee, and Neutral
  • Moves: Life Sap (Nature), Beta Burst (Mental)


  • Level: 33
  • Weak to: Toxic, Nature, Electric
  • Resistant to: Fire, Water, and Earth
  • Moves: Water Cannon (Water), Aquatic Whirlwind (Water)


  • Level: 33
  • Weak to: Electric
  • Resistant to: Earth & Wind
  • Moves: Hypnoxia (Wind)


  • Level: 31
  • Weak to: Toxic, Nature, Electric
  • Resistant to: Fire, Water, and Earth
  • Moves: Water Cannon (Water), Drill Impact (Neutral), Ice cubes (Water)

Best Temtem to beat Tihani

Taking a look at Tihani’s team, you need to have a diverse selection of temtem. We have mentioned the best temtem that you can use against Tihani:

An electric temtem like Nessla is a must to have to take down Tihani’s Ukama, Granpah and even Wiplump.

Perniant & Kalabyss
These water typed temtem are quite useful for Tiahani’s starter temtem. Perniant and Kalabyss can learn toxic abalities to become more powerful. They are going to be powerful against nature-type temtem.

Omninesia & Anahir
Fire temtem like Omninesia and Anahir are great choice to deal with Carneaf, Ukama and even Kuni.

How to defeat Tihani in Temtem Nanga Dojo

This fight, more than any other you faced in the past, is going to challenge your ability to adjust on the fly. Different combinations of enemies are going to drastically change your approach which means you have to be nimble, leave the wrong type on the field for too long and you’ll end up losing it.

The key is knowing the relationships on the field. Tihani starts out with a fire and nature type which means water is strong against one but weak against the other.

Attempt them like Perniant is a great choice for dealing with both enemies because of its water and toxic techniques. Kinu is a considerable threat when paired with Ukama.

Both feel an insane amount of damage and both need to be dealt with quickly so if you’re caught sleeping you’ll end up dead before you know it.

Taking care of Kinu is the key to victory in this fight. It’s weak to fire, crystal, digital, and toxic abilities one of which you should have at this point but be warned. Beta burst in conjunction with another high damage ability from another temtem is going to hurt so come prepared.

Once again we urge the use of tonic+ items which restore health and stamina. These are absolutely vital to keeping your team on the field.

So long story short, just level up your temtem before getting into the fight and take tonic+ items with you beforehand. They are expensive but they are worth each penny.

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