Temtem Mythical Raids Guide

Cipanku Island updates introduced the players to a completely new raid; and not just any raid either. Players can now have a fight with a Mythical Temtem. In this Temtem Mythical Raids guide, we’ll be walking you through the fundamentals of the newly accessible activity.

Temtem Mythical Raids

With every changing week, you’ll be pitted in a different raid against a different Mythical Temtem, to keep things exciting and fresh.

Unlocking the Mythical Raid
To start the raid, you have to have one of each type of Temtem. This is because as you make your way up to the lair, to unlock the paths you need to activate crystal shrines. Don’t worry, as your Temtems will return to you after they unlock each respective crystal shrine that you used them on.

These shrines surround the entirety of the raid Lair. You can’t do this alone, and have to enter with a party of five. That should be easy as a lot of players will be queuing to play this Raid and it won’t be hard to fill your party with 4 others to join the Raid.

The Raid Paths
Each player starts at different points of the den and make their way to center, clearing each path clears the way ahead, the goal in mind should be to acquire 18 jewels.

Be careful you can’t start the final boss raid without all 18 jewels in your possession. Try not to die as you try to proceed forward to the raid boss, each death and subsequent respawn causes you to lose jewels.

Final Mythical Temtem Boss Fight
Your fight against the big bad Mythical Temtem will be different. The final fight is easier if you fight with fire type Temtems and Temtems that are nature resistant as they will prove to be a really good counter to the Mythical Temtem Tyrnak.

Tyrnak doesn’t really have a lot of moves and most of the time spams “Plague”. Plague is an earth-type move and hence we need the Earth resistance for survivability.

The problem arises not at the boss’s skills but with the health of the boss. It has five huge health bars you need to deplete before you can take it down. So definitely grab a lot of supplies from stores you come across like, full restores and other support items.

Both the final fight and also the paths of the raid lair leading up to the boss are very tough too. So definitely plan ahead and be prepared to have a lot of extra support items from shops to help.

It won’t hurt to spend money on them and you’ll eventually make it all back in the lair, and it would have been worth it, getting the Mythical Temtem for yourself.

Your ultimate reward for beating the boss is a chest with the Tyrnak egg, hatching it gives you your own baby Tyrnak. Which isn’t scary overpowered like the big one in the Lair, but useful nonetheless.

The process for similar raids in the future will be the same as new mythical Temtems are added, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

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