Temtem Crystle Locations, How to Catch, Evolve and Stats

If you did not select Crystle as your starter Temtem, then this guide is for you as we will cover the locations, how to catch Crystle and how to evolve it in Temtem. This Temtem is strong against Electric, Mental, and Toxic.

Where to find Crystle in Temtem

Crystle is a Crystal type Temtem that you can find inside the Mines of Mictlan of Tucma region.  As explained earlier Crystle is a Crystal type Temtem and its base stats are as follows.

  • HP:60
  • Attack:61
  • Defense:69
  • Speed:33
  • Stamina:41
  • SP Attack:46
  • SP Defense:42

Crystle techniques

Technique Level Required Technique Type Damage
Glass Blade 1 Crystal Type 32
Mirror Shell 3 Crystal Type
Nibble 5 Neutral Type 37
Crystal Dust 9 Crystal + Wind Type 60
Head Ram 14 Neutral Type 100
Crystallize 17 Crystal Type
Crystal Spikes 27 Crystal Type 100
Rampage 35 Neutral Type 65

Crystle can learn the following technique through Technique Course!

Technique Name TC Technique Type Damage
Stone Wall 2 Earth Type

The Techniques Crystle can learn through breeding are as follows

Technique Name Technique Type Damage
Antitoxins Toxic Type
Quartz Shield Crystal Type
Rotten Goo Toxin + Electric Type 82

Crystle evolutions

Crystle is the first stage of a three-stage evolution chain. Upon reaching level 30, Crystle goes through the evolution and becomes Sherald. Its stats are improved as follows

  • HP:68
  • Stamina:45
  • Speed:43
  • Attack:69
  • Defense:78
  • SP Attack:51
  • SP Defense:48

After Sherald, when the Temtem reaches 51 levels, it will go through yet another evolution and become Tortenite. Its stats are improved as follows

  • HP:74
  • Stamina:52
  • Speed:52
  • Attack:45
  • Defense:76
  • SP Attack:89
  • SP Defense:60


Crystle has 2 traits that are as follows

Amphibian: When getting affected by a water technique, increases Attack and Speed.

Rested: For the first 2 turns, increases the Attack and SP Attack by 30% once per battle.

Crystle type defense

Any Temtem’s Defense is defined by the level of damage they take from each type of technique. Crystle’s type defense is as follows

  • Neutral:1x
  • Wind:1x
  • Earth:2x
  • Water:1x
  • Fire:2x
  • Nature:1x
  • Electric:0.5x
  • Mental:0.5x
  • Digital:1x
  • Melee:2x
  • Crystal:1x
  • Toxin:0.5x

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