How to Get Crystal Skates in Temtem

This guide will explain where to get the crystal skates Temtem and navigate through the red icy area.

During your adventures in Temtem, you will visit eventually reach the second island of the game, Myrisles. You will be obstructed by red ice in this region. If you attempted to traverse through, you will be simply sliding forward without any control. Crystal skates are your go-to item to solve this issue that is halting your adventures. This guide will explain where to get the crystal skates Temtem and navigate through the icy area.

Where to get the crystal skates in Temtem

To traverse through the red ice, you will have to start the questline “Adventure in Myrisles”. However, there are some requisites to start the questline.

You will have to defeat the Mokupuni dojo and then head toward the Giant Banyan where you will speak to Carlos who will give you yet another task to ambush some of the Belsotos clan members.

You will ambush them by first getting a Belsotos’s Officer Uniform that you can find from Citerior Omninesia.

You will then head back to Giant Banyan in Ulterior Omniesi and meet up with Carlos and enter the dungeon. After entering the dungeon, you will have to fight a couple of Tamers until you reach to the Captain that will be the boss.

After defeating them, you and Carlos will head outside and he will reward you with the Crystal Skates that will initiate the beginning of the Adventure in Myrisles questline.

You will lose the skates at some point in the questline while exploring inside the Myrisles. Upon losing the skates, you will temporarily lose access to the Anak Volcano and some parts of the Aguamarina caves.

How to get the crystal skates back

When you end up in Tucma, you will start yet another quest “Cipanku” in which you will need to defeat Do. Sasaya at the Neoedo Dojo and meetup with Carlos in Onsenshima.

There you will find the Crystal skates inside of a locker as part of the Onsenshima Set and will also unlock the temporarily inaccessible areas.

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