Temtem Beached Narwhal Quest Guide

Once you have completed the Quetzal Dojo, you are going to unlock various quests. The quests are going to help you progress further in the story. One of the quests includes how to fix the Narwhal so let us help you in completing the Temtem Beached Narwhal Quest.

Temtem Beached Narwhal Quest

Start by heading towards Quetzal Smith’s Guild and inside you are going to come across Guildmaster Jatziri who is using the anvil. Ask them if they can repair an airship.

You have to get your surfboard from the merchant Akatzin because you have to get the ore to learn about accessing the mines from Kakama Cenote.

Make your way to Akatzin’s Tamer’s Supplies which is a store where you will find Akatzin behind the counter. Interact with him and he is going to ask you to get him Toxolot.

If you have it on you, then give it to him otherwise get one. You can find Toxolotl at Xolot Reservoir on Tucma. Look for the Toxolotl in the grass.

Once you have it, give it to Akatzin and he is going to hand you over the surfboard. Now acid proof the surfboard and sail the Xolot Reservoir. To acid proof the surfboard you would have to speak to Sugey.

Go to the banks of the Xolot Reservoir which is near the Temtem healing station and you are going to find Sugey there.

There is a mini-quest that you will have to complete that requires you to collect samples of water from underground sources in the mines.

When you reach a water resource, you have to interact with the sparkling portion of it to collect a sample. You have to collect two samples in the mines.

Once you have both the samples, visit Sugey again and handover the samples to her. Now you have the acid-proof surfboard which is going to protect you from the poison water.

Surf over to enter the cave in Tucma and head down the steps then surf to the south and soon you will reach the center island.

You are going to come across your rival and you would have to defeat him in order to get the Shuinr’s Horn from the pedestal.

Enter the mines to your left and walk along the top right of the room. You will reach a looked door where you are going to use the Shuine’s Horn in order to unlock it.

You have to visit the Guildmaster at thee Smith’s Gold again and tell him about the news. Once this is done, you have summed up your Beached Narwhal quest.

If you have completed all three quests then speak with Captain Magda in the Quetzal airport. He is going to show you the way to Manki with whom you will learn Rock Hop.