Telltale Games Unveils The Walking Dead The Final Season For PAX East

Telltale Games has revealed that they will be showing off The Walking Dead The Final Season at PAX East next week at a special panel. The series, which has been going for six years ever since the first episode released in 2012, helped to put Telltale Games on the map again.

The Walking Dead video game series is a companion piece to the popular The Walking Dead television series. While it doesn’t focus on Rick Grimes and the other members of his group, the video game still focuses on a group of survivors in each season, all trying to make it through each game.

Players have often seen events through the eyes of Clementime, who has constantly remained a main character even when other characters have been taken up

The series gave rise to a new line of episodic narrative games with choices that could impact the story, and put Telltale on the map as a good developer of these kinds of stories. Other games such as the Game of Thrones game, Tales from the Borderlands, The Wolf Among Us, Batman, and Minecraft Story Mode have also followed the format.

While the third season, A New Frontier, has been met with a somewhat mixed response, hopefully Telltale will be able to end the series on a high note, though we don’t really have any idea of what the story will be this time around. We’ll likely get a trailer for The Walking Dead The Final Season at the PAX East panel that will show some sort of plot, but until then we’ll have to wait.

With luck, considering the positive reception of the second season of Batman, Telltale’s writers will be able to think up a satisfactory way to end the story in The Walking Dead The Final Season…or at least as satisfactory as you can get in a world like The Walking Dead.