Televised Starcraft Tournament In Finland Shows Gaming’s Reach

Gaming is now apparently widespread enough that Finnish national television can show a televised Starcraft tournament like it’s nothing. While esports has been growing significantly over the past few years as its tournaments get bigger and bigger, a tournament being shown on national TV is something entirely different in scale.

Of course, esports in some areas of the world are far more popular than other areas. Starcraft has been played professionally in South Korea for many years now, and is immensely popular there. The increasing popularity of games like League of Legends, Defense of the Ancients, Call of Duty, and more around the world are likely also contributing.

Esports do have a ways to go, however. Considering the athletics that are required in most sports, many would likely dismiss a genre of sports that only relies on finger dexterity and reaction times while otherwise you just sit in a chair. This is even in spite of many schools and universities creating esports teams of their own.

Since the post was just a picture on Reddit, we can’t really tell if the televised Starcraft tournament was from Korea or if the country was actually holding a national tournament of its own, but it being allowed on national TV to begin with is definitely a big step for esports.

Esports might also have another point in their favor to become more popular in that they are a great deal more accessible than other sports in the world currently. When all you need is good reflexes and a lot of skill in gaming, anyone can become an esports player.

Hopefully, Finland showing a televised Starcraft tournament on national TV is another big indication that esports will soon become just as accepted as normal sports. Until then, there’s always tournaments that you can watch being livestreamed.