Tekken 7 Season 2 Has A Glitch Making Eliza Completely Unblockable

Bandai Namco has been making quite a lot of changes, in order to adjust the character balance of Tekken 7. The recently released Tekken 7 Season 2 aimed to do the same, however, it seems they might have tried a little too hard, as numerous reports have surfaced, which claim that there is a glitch making Eliza super unblockable.

This issue has not been raised by one but numerous players of the game, seem to be encountering this same glitch. However among those who have claimed is a player, who goes by the name “Rin-senpai” on Twitter, posted a video in which we can actually see that Eliza’s Bloody Horn move is completely unblockable.

Now the patch notes of Tekken 7 Season 2 were scheduled to roll out yesterday on 6th September and they have. The patch notes talk about changes to the gameplay and characters as well. They probably forgot to mention this heavy glitch?

The reason, why this bug is an issue for the players is that Eliza in the game has always been regarded as among the weak characters, at least in the first season. While everyone thought that she will get some minor buffs like always.

It seems like she might have received more than the standard tweaks and that is what the players, are not able to digest.

In the video we can see Eliza performing the combo using Bloody Horn move as mentioned earlier, however, that move can be seen as completely unblockable. Moreover, it can also be seen that this Bloody Horn move cannot be blocked high or low.

Then we can see that Rin-senpai also test this glitch, on a computer in which the setting was set to guard all, even then the problem persisted. Which leads to the only conclusion that they literally forgot to mention it in the Tekken 7 Season 2 patch notes.

Anyways, they will definitely be addressing this glitch soon enough. In fact, they probably are figuring it out already. Let’s hope that they do.