“Ridiculously Well-Made” Tekken 7 Mod Inducts Elden Ring Characters

Several characters of Elden Ring, including bosses and creatures, are now playable and can be pitted against each other in Tekken 7.

“The Ultimate Elden Ring Modpack” adds up to nine Elden Ring characters in Tekken 7 including Melina, Malenia, Alexander, Starscourge Radahn, Torrent, Ranni, and a giant lobster.

They are, of course, just model-swaps and replace existing character presets in the game. The mod, however, is so believable that many fans thought a crossover between Tekken 7 and Elden Ring was in the making.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada was all praise for the “ridiculously well-made mod”. He also cautioned that “there are people in [our] community who make noise based on misunderstandings.”

Both Elden Ring and Tekken 7 are under the publishing umbrella of Bandai Namco Entertainment. That may be a reason why several fans were fooled into thinking about a crossover project in an official capacity.

Tekken 7 has sold more than 8 million copies worldwide since its release in 2017. The game continues to receive new post-release characters, Lidia Sobieska being the latest inclusion to bring the roster to more than 50 playable characters.

There has been no word about a sequel in the making but Tekken 8 is inevitable.

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