Teenager In Indiana Tragically Shot Dead Over Xbox Exchange

It’s always a tragedy when a life is taken long ahead of its due. Furthermore, video games and real-world violence should never translate. An Xbox also isn’t something to lose your life over. Unfortunately for Johnny Peluyera, this was the case.

The 16 year old used an online app known as OfferUp to find a buyer for his Xbox. After making a deal online, his father drove him to the site of the transaction where Johnny met a group of strangers.

After asking him if they could test the console, they guided him into an abandoned house. Johnny’s father in the police report said that he could see a gun aimed at his son’s back from one of the windows of the house.

After being threatened at gunpoint and told to leave the Xbox, Johnny didn’t comply and attempted to pick it up and run back to the car. He was fatally shot in the back on his way out.

Officers arrived around 6 Pm only to find that Johnny was unfortunately dead at the scene. His parents remain rightfully devastated by the loss of their son. Here was a statement by his mother:

My son is gone. My son is never coming back. The emptiness that is in my heart and my stomach and my soul and my body is almost unbearable.

Police are in progress of conducting a manhunt for the two male suspects. Both appeared to be young adults/late teens in hoodies and basketball shorts. Obviously they are also assumed to be armed and dangerous.

This isn’t the first time a real world tragedy had something to do with gaming. The Tyler Bates swatting incident was another prominent example that resulted in the death of an innocent victim.

Another takeaway from this whole incident is never to risk your life over a video game console. Of course there’s not much you can do with a gun to your back, but don’t be reckless. Also watch who you deal with.

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