The Technomancer Choices and Results Guide; Every Decision Has a Consequence

The Technomancer Choices and Results Guide helps you figure out the outcome of each choice you are making in The Technomancer.

Throughout The Technomancer you will be presented with different choices and each of them will have an impact on the outcome. Different choices will have different results so if you are on your second playthrough, it is best to know what could be done differently to achieve the desired result.

Spoiler Alert!

The Technomancer Choices and Results Guide

Boris The Deserter
When you manage to take down Boris The Deserter, you will have three different choices – You can kill him, arrest him or..well, let him go. In order to make Eliza happy you can not arrest, however, if you wish to have 1500 xp bonus you need to do it despite what Eliza thinks or says.

Letting him go will land you 1500 Exp and 2 karma but keep in mind that you were there to kill him, objective failed! Not only that but your relationship with the lieutenant will be affected. Lastly, if you choose to complete the objective, you will piss off David and he will leave but that is worth it if you love the Rifle and 1500 Exp.

David is a Spy – What to Do?
When you find out that David is in fact a spy, you either ask him to leave or bring the sucker down for his crimes. The benefit of taking him down is that you can grab his Mace and Shield. The downside is that you will lose some karma – -1 to be exact.

Asking him to leave will land you +10 reputation and 2 Karma. Keep in mind that in both cases, David is gone for good.

Defuse the Bomb and Deal With the Lady

There is a quest called “Break the Opposition” where you will have to locate and defuse a bomb. If you manage to complete the objective, you will need to make a choice, either deal with the women permanently or let her go. If she escapes, you will have 2000 Exp, +2 Karma and 10 reputation to enjoy.

However, another set of options open up if you choose to arrest her. During arrest you can kill her or bring her to the authorities. You will get -5 reputation for arresting her but Bulgakov’s Gun and 1000 Exp are yours. Killing her on the other hand will get you her pistol and dagger.

Eliza Major Needs An Answer

During “Fighting for Abundance” you will speak with Eliza Major who’ll ask you some questions and your answers will determine whether you lose or gain Abundance Army Reputation.

Be a man and take responsibility when she asks her first question and lose 1 Abundance Army Reputation. Tell her that Victor is a liar and you will lose 1 The Abundance Army Reputation so there is no way around it.

Upon her second question, if you attempt to convince this woman you will lose 1 Abundance Army Reputation. However, if you take responsibility you will gain 1 point. Try to defend and attack Victor and you’ll lose one point.

During her third question, if you try to convince her you are going to lose 1 point. However, take responsibility to gain or protest to lose a point.

To Kill or Not to Kill
Niesha will be  aiming at Jeffery at the end of “A Safe haven” quest. You can either stop her or ask her to kill Jeff. You can ask her to kill him but you’ll lose 1 Karma and 1 Army Reputation and Amelia won’t be happy with Niesha.

If you stop her you will get +2 Karma.

The World Needs to Know
During “The People’s Assembly” you need to turn the people againts Victor but you will need to make the right choices. Firstly, if you have one Chrisma you just need two more. Now, deny the bribery and people will trust you more.  The final decision is about Viktor’s Population so get him locked away.

Orders Are Orders
During “The Orders of A Merchant Prince” quest when you return to Aston and you’ll have two choices.  Accept the deal or refuse it. If you accept you will get 200 serums but refusing will result in you not having any help  against Victor.

What Happened to Earth
During the final chapter of the game you will finally know the truth behind what happened to earth.  Now you will have three choices and one of which is you revealing the destruction of Earth and joining Noctis.

If you join Noctis, you will spread a panic among the society. Meanwhile, joining the Mutants would mean Technomancers will disappear and the Scientist would have to make new.

The last option is to not reveal the destruction and become the Grandmaster. All choices will allow you to keep the trophies and receive bonuses.

That’s it for The Technomancer Choices and Results Guide, if you have any question feel free to comments down below. The Technomancer is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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