Techland Responds To Its Toxic Work Culture Report, Says Was Unaware

Techland has reportedly been supporting a toxic and poorly managed work culture which is why Dying Light 2 has been indefinitely delayed. It only becomes worse since the Polish studio was apparently never aware of its in-house issues.

Following a couple of days after TheGamer published a report containing a blistering behind-the-scenes look by anonymous staffers, Techland has issued an official statement in response which more or less revolves around the upper echelon believing its employees to be completely happy in their office setting.

“We emphasize that we respect both the opinions of the journalist and the statements of our former employees,” reads the response. “The absolute majority of them were presented to us for the first time when we were asked to comment on the planned article.

“Some of the described incidents took place, according to the information presented to us, over 10 years ago,” continues the response. “We are constantly working to improve internal communication within the company. We pay particular attention to employee’s feedback and suggestions about the company.

“We take full responsibility for how the company is perceived by our former and current employee. We will not stop in our efforts to make Techland the kind of employer that all talents in the industry dream of.”

Based on testimonies shared by anonymous staffers, Techland hides an “autocratic management, poor planning, and a toxic work culture that trickles down from the top.” The negativity has impacted morale which has in turn led to several staffers resigning in the past few months alone. Staffers still working over there now have their workflow disrupted, which has led to Dying Light 2 being anything but a passion project.

Dying Light 2 has remained in stasis for more than a couple of years in running. The sequel has often been assumed to have been cancelled, which forces Techland to surface with repeated assurances. The developer shared such an assurance just last year when it confirmed that “the Dying Light 2 development is moving forward” based on a “revised” schedule.

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