Techland Promises Dying Light 2 News After Narrative Director’s Departure

Last week, the Techland game Dying Light 2 lost its narrative director when the holder of the position, Pawel Selinger, retired after 22 years with the studio. Techland is, however, promising exciting new Dying Light 2 news to be coming soon, hopefully a release date after years of no information from the studio.

Though Dying Light 2 is hotly anticipated by fans of the original, there hasn’t been much to go on for the game at all since May of last year, and even then we’ve barely gotten any information about it at all. Some people are concerned about the game becoming vaporware, much like Dead Island 2, another zombie survival game that was announced years ago but has gotten no closer to a release.

Techland has said that the game is in good shape, and whatever exciting news the studio claims to have might be something like a release date, or at least a progress update. However, until that Dying Light 2 news has actually been released, all we can do is guess, and hope.

Dying Light 2 promises to be more involved than the original game. Taking place in an alternate post-apocalyptic timeline where humanity lost a zombie war, players have to make various decisions to try and rebuild society that can have consequences down the road.

Various additions to the game’s world include a variety of factions, new kinds of zombies, and a lot of new buildings to parkour across, though we haven’t seen that much gameplay of the game lately. Techland has also confirmed that an Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 version will be coming, though those don’t have dates either.

Techland has yet to say when their Dying Light 2 news will be coming out, but until then all we can do is hope that the game is actually released soon, especially since it’s been in development for years by now.