Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Sonapan Shrine Walkthrough

Almost all shrines in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are located in the Hyrule ground with the exception of 32 shrines that are in the Sky Islands.

One of the Hyrule Shrines is the Sonapan Shrine which teaches players how to make use of the Ascend and the Ultrahand abilities, both of which are new abilities introduced in Tears of the Kingdom.

Like many other shrines, the Sonapan Shrine also presents its puzzle known as the ‘Missing Pathways’ that rewards the players with the Light of Blessing upon solving it and while solving this puzzle, players also find a chest that contains a bundle of 5 arrows.

So, to achieve these rewards and to unlock the Sonapan Shrine as a fast travel point let us look into its exact location and surrounding landmarks.

Where to find the Sonapan Shrine in Zelda: TotK

The Sonapan Shrine is located in the Hyrule Ridge Region, west of the Lookout Landing, in Tears of the Kingdom.

To get to this shrine, go to the east of Satori Mountain till you see a bunch of fruit trees at the point marked on the map below.

Sonapan Shrine map location in Tears Of The Kingdom

This is the location of the Sonapan Shrine and its x, y, and z coordinates are -1921, -0361, and 0228.

How to solve the Sonapan Shrine puzzle in Zelda: TotK

Once you have reached the Sonapan Shrine, you will see its glowing green entrance. Enter the shrine and follow the below-mentioned steps to find the Missing Pathways puzzle solution.

Use Ascend ability

As soon as you enter the shrine, you will see a higher ledge in front of you. Equip the Ascend ability here to pass through the ledge onto the upper floor.

Find the Chest

After ascending through the ledge, go to the right where you will see a large cube that you need to grab using the Ultrahand ability. Pick the cube and bring it all the way to the left where another similar cube is located and place it on top of the other cube.

After placing the cubes on top of each other, use Ultrahand on the lower cube and push it to the right corner so only a part of the other cube rests on it obliquely.

Now ascend through the cube and look for a chest on the left that contains a bundle of 5 arrows.

Ascend higher

Your work with the cube is not done yet. Grab the cube again and take it back to the room where you will see a raised ledge attached to the wall. Place the cube on the ledge to increase its height and then ascend through both the ledge and the cube.

Tears Of The Kingdom Sonapan Shrine Walkthrough

Put the cube in the water

Continue forward by taking the stairs and now you will see another similar cube. Pick this cube up using Ultrahand once again and place it in the water present to the right.

Now the place from where you picked the cube is empty so you can ascend through there to the top.

Get on the cube

Once you are at the top, paraglide down to the cube in the water and look straight upwards to see a high ledge.

Ascend and examine the altar

Now ascend through the higher ledge and take the flight of stairs at the front. You will see the altar in front of you and you can examine it to end the shrine puzzle. This also ends the Sonapan Shrine walkthrough.