Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Pretty Stone And Five Golden Apples Shrine Quest Guide

A pretty stone and five golden apples quest in Tears of the Kingdom is the condition required to unlock the Pupunke Shrine.

If you want to expand your fast travel option and get your hands on some shiny new loot then the Pupunke Shrine will serve you nicely. You can unlock this shrine in Tears of the Kingdom by successfully participating in the shrine quest – A Pretty Stone and Five Golden Apples.

It is one of the difficult ones to complete. But this is what we are here for. We have put together this handy guide to help you complete the quest without breaking a sweat. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

How to start the Pretty Stone and Five Golden Apples Shrine quest

There are tons of NPC all around Hyrule. Each one has some distinctive feature that makes them stand them out from the bunch. Damia is Little Korok and is responsible for handing you the A Pretty Stone and Five Golden Apples shrine quest in Tears of the Kingdom.

Map of Hyrule pointing out Musanokir Shrine

It will be standing on the path between the Musanokir Shrine and the Mido Swamp in the Korok forest. To find the shrine quest, start from the Musanokir shrine. You will find the shrine right beside the Korok Forest at the following coordinates: 0410, 2130, 0144.

Path to Follow in the forest

From the Musanokir shrine, go Northeast until you come across a path illuminated by glowing bean pods. Keep following the path to find the Green Crystal guarded by Damia.

He will inform you that he has the shrine crystal. He will only hand it over to you if you bring him 5 golden apples which is exactly the objective of this quest.


How to complete Pretty Stone and Five Golden Apples in Zelda: TotK

There are two ways to complete “A Pretty Stone and Five Golden Apples” shrine quest in Zelda: TotK. Go back to Hyrule Fields and collect 5 golden apples from the apple trees (there is a chance that Link already has them in his inventory if you are roaming Hyrule for some time before attempting this shrine quest).

The second method is to follow the bog-infested path to Mido Swamp to find the golden apples. Go North from where Damia is standing to enter the forest. Start following the path illuminated by the glowing bean pods. Don’t deviate from the path or Link will be swallowed by the bogs in the area.

This part of the Korok Forest is swarming with Stal enemies. Take them down as fast as you can and move forward. You will soon come across a Shock-Like enemy. Use water-based weapons (arrows fused with water gourd) to take it down swiftly.

Using Wooden Plank to complete A Pretty Stone and Five Golden Apples Shrine

The path forward is impossible to traverse because of bogs. Use Ultrahand ability to find a wooden plank. Place it on the top of the bog (between two edges) for a few seconds and then drop it.

Use the Recall ability on the plank and make your way across. Cancel the Recall ability as soon as you reach the next platform, so the plank won’t return to its original position. We will be needing it a lot.

Keep using the plank with the combination of Ultrahand and Recall abilities to make your way across. Defeat a Thunder Wizrobe in this area, or he won’t allow you to move freely. Turn right to find the next platform with the glowing bean pods. Defeat a Fire Chuchu enemy and use the same plank again to cross the bog.

If you have made it this far then you are now almost done with A Pretty Stone and Five Golden Apples shrines quest.

Exact Location of Do Golden Apples on Hyrule Map

Finally, we have made our way to the orchid of Golden apples. Its location is marked on the map with 0826, 2412, 0174 as its coordinates. Use fast travel to return to Musanokir shrine.

Make your way back to Damia, who is standing before the entrance of the Mido Swamp. Get your shrine crystal required to unlock Pupunke Shrine, simply by handing over the golden apples.

Take the Green Crystal and once again go North to enter the bog-infested area of the forest. Turn right as soon as you enter it to find the Pupunke shrine. Offer the Green Crystal at the shrine’s platform to make it appear.

This will complete the “A Pretty Stone and Five Golden Apples” shrine quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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