Tearaway Unfolded Releases This September, Crafted Edition Detailed

Tearaway Unfolded is going to officially launch for the PlayStation 4 on September 8 in North America and a day later in Europe, Sony has announced.

Pre-ordering the game now will ensure early buyers access to a limited “Crafted Edition” which is filled with “super dooper bonus content.”

According to the PlayStation Blog, the Crafted Edition will include “a shiny Gold Leaf and a shining Gold Stamp to wear proudly on your messenger.” Players will get to wear exclusive God of War and Journey costumes.

In addition to that there will be eight custom decorations (from franchises such as Lemmings, Gravity Rush, No Man’s Sky, The Order: 1886, God of War, Infamous, The Last of Us, and Killzone), two super cute papercraft plans (Sackboy and Baby Wendigo), and a spectacular Pig Crown.

On top of all that, Sony will also be throwing in the official Tearaway Unfolded soundtrack that features all original tracks from the game.

At Gamescom last year, Sony revealed quite a few handy details regarding gameplay and the world. For instance, Maple Field will be 50% larger than it used to be, Harbor is twice its original size, the game runs at 1080p/60fps, and the items you can interact with are going to be way more than they used to be.

Tearaway Unfolded can now be pre-ordered for $39.99.

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