Team Fortress 2 Dedicated Server Guide – Configuring the Server, Command Options

Team Fortress 2 is the classic classed-based tactical FPS whose addictive gameplay make gamers stick to it regardless of the options they have now. You can set up Team Fortress 2 Dedicated Server just like L4D and L4D2. Most of the steps are same, so here is how you can do that:

Team Fortress 2 Dedicated Server

Step #1 – Download and Installation of the Server

Download hlds client so that you can download the server files from steam. After the download is complete, you should run the setup and install the hlds tool to your “c” drive.

You can choose a different directory but I will recommend that you use the above-mentioned destination path. Now open to Run in the start menu and type “cmd” to open the Command Prompt.

Type cd.. till you reach the root directory i.e. “c:/”. Now type “cd HLServer” to enter the directory. After you have successfully entered the directory, type the following command line to start downloading the server files:

hldsupdatetool.exe -command update -game tf -dir c:\HLServer

Step #2 – Configuring the Server

After you have successfully downloaded all the server files, you need to configure it to make it non-Steam server if you want to.

Make a backup of your server files before configuring so that you don’t need to download it again if something goes wrong during configuration.

Step #3 – Setting Up Your Config

Now you need a config file for your server. You can use our sample TF2 Server Config or you can customize it according to your own need. Paste this server config to the following the destination:

c:\HLServer\orangebox\tf\cfg folder

Step #4 – Start Your Server

Now to start your server make a shortcut on your desktop of “scrds.exe” file. Enter the following command line in “scrds.exe” properties where it says “target”.

You need to put these lines of code in the target box of the shortcut. There should be a space between “scrds.exe” and the command line:

-console -game tf -hostport 27015 +maxplayers 24 +map ctf_2fort

You can change the no of slots and map according to your liking. Now launch this modified “scrds.exe” and your server will be up. If you have followed all the steps correctly then players will be able to join your server now.

Alternate Command Options

Some other common command-line options for TF2 are:

  • -port 27015 – Bind to a different port (27015 is the default).
  • +servercfgfile – Which tf\cfg\ file to execute on map change, defaults to server.cfg.
  • +randommap – Use instead of +map to select a map at random when starts the server.
  • -IP – Bind to a specific IP address. By default, the server listens on all network interfaces.
  • +mapcyclefile – Which tf\cfg\ file contains this server’s mapcycle, defaults to mapcycle.txt. Will also look in tf\
  • -replay – Executes replay.cfg and adds an additional slot for the replay bot, but removes it from the player count.
  • -strictportbind – If a server is already running on the specified port, the server will shut down instead of moving to the next available port.

If you come across any problem setting up Team Fortress 2 Dedicated Server, share with us, and we will help you out. If you experience any issue with the game or server, read our TF2 Troubleshooting Guide.

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