Tap Zoo 2 Walkthrough

If you love to see animals, and like to visit zoo, then what harm is it, if you own one. So if you want to have one, don’t waste time and start on with Tap Zoo 2. What? Confused or stuck somewhere? Following walkthrough will straighten up things for you.

How To Get Started (Summary)

Probably you have already downloaded Tap Zoo 2, but if you have not, then you can do it from here. So I assume that now you have the game downloaded, and you can see Tap Zoo 2 icon on your home screen. Without wasting any further time, just tap on the icon to get started. In general there are few basic tasks that you will be performing in the game regarding your zoo such as, building, maintaining, expansion, etc. Since now we are aware of what we are supposed to do, now let us consider how we are going to do them.

How to build your own Zoo?

The first time when you will visit the gameplay screen, you will find some people wandering around purposelessly on a piece of land, which does not look like a zoo from any angle. However, this is your allotted site where you are supposed to create and run your very own zoo.

Animals: Since you already have the plot, now you can let the animals flow into your zoo. You can purchase various species of animals available in the list, in exchange of some coins or starts, depending on the animal you want. To check on the list, tap on the animal menu in the lower left corner of the screen, followed by a tap on the animal button. Now you have the list in front of you, and you can choose the animal you want, depending on the sources you have.

You will start on with limited resources, so it’s better to choose the cheapest subject from the stock; by the way gorillas are not a bad option. Obviously, you won’t let your animals run freely in the park, therefore, you will have to place number of exhibits to shape ip your zoo.

In the Placement Mode, you will see the exhibit in green; you can drag along the exhibit all around the park until you have found the right location. So once you have got the exhibit’s place located, you can tap on the green arrow to confirm the placement. You will be repeating the same procedure for all the exhibits. These exhibits will earn you coins, which can be collected by just tapping on the coin icon above the exhibit. As the time will proceed, and you will have more and more animals

Land Expansion: As you will keep on adding the animals to your zoo, at sometime you might find that initially allotted area is not sufficient. So you don’t need to worry about it, you can expand your zoo according to you need. For the expansion of land, tap on the Main Menu, then on the Store icon to be taken to the main market menu. Now tap on the Expand button to be taken to the Buy Land screen. Here, you can purchase additional land for your zoo to expand on.

Once you’ve decided you’d like to expand, head to this screen and tap on the text to spend the required money and start building additional land for your zoo. When it’s done, the land will automatically show up in your zoo. If you are feeling impatient, you can spend Stars to speed up the process and have your extra land immediately (Note Stars are the premium currency in Tap Zoo 2, which means they cost real money to acquire. So be careful before you spend this currency).

Breeding Your Animals
You can continue the progeny of the animals that you have in your zoo. In order to breed the desired species, tap on the Build menu, then on the Nursery to start. To start on with the breeding you will have to unlock the nest, which can be done by simply tapping on it and spending a few coins. Now you can tap on it again, to start the process.

The breeding menu will show all of your available animals that can breed. Tap on the animal you wish to breed to start breeding the pair now. Once the breeding is over, you will find an egg placed in your nest with the new animal. Time may vary ranging from a few minutes to a few hours. When it’s done, tap on it to place it in your zoo.

Visiting Friends

I guess you already know that, you are not playing this game alone, you have friends who own zoos just like you do. So you can keep in touch with your friends, peek into their zoos and also help them out.
To visit your friends, go to the main menu, and tap on the arrow button located in the lower right corner of the screen. Over here you will find “Visit Friends” button, so tap on it, and list of your neighbors/friends will appear in front of you.

You can tap on the person in the list you wish to visit. If you find that any of your friends have some sick animals in their zoos, you can heal them by visiting them. All you mhave to do is, just tap on the sick animal’s exhibit, and they will be healed, and in return you will gain some reward. Since you have got the job done, return to your zoo by tapping on the home button. You can visit each friend once per day to earn special rewards from them. Don’t hesitate to visit them every day if you wish!


Achievements show up once in a while after you do various things in your zoo, and for the most part just involve adding new things to your zoo while you play. You will have to activate some of the achievement on your own to get started.Once you have one activate though; you can check it by tapping on the trophy icon on the upper left corner of the gameplay screen. Once you are done with the achievement task you will have to submit register your achievement, so go to the achievement list and tap on the achievement that you have just completed. By doing this you will earn the prescribed reward for completing the particular assignment.

It’s that simple. Have a happy and healthy zoo!

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