Tango Gameworks’ Next Game “Is The Complete Opposite Of Horror”

Following three horror games since its creation, developer Tango Gameworks will move away from the genre with its upcoming games.

Speaking with Famitsu magazine (via VGC) in a recent interview, Resident Evil creator and studio founder Shinji Mikami stated that he wants fans to stop associating Tango Gameworks and its developers with horror.

“I hope to eventually change the image that Tango Gameworks currently has,” said Mikami. “At the moment, we are still seen as a studio that specializes only in survival horror.”

Mikami has no issues with making horror games, but would rather strive to be known for other genres as well. The new design direction of Tango Gameworks will begin with director John Johanas who is currently working on a non-horror game after helming The Evil Within 2.

“John Johanas, who directed the DLC for The Evil Within and The Evil Within 2, is working on a completely new title that is the complete opposite of horror,” revealed Mikami. “It’s a really good game, so keep your eyes peeled.”

Mikami refrained from mentioning what kind of genres Tango Gameworks will be focusing on from here on. He however did stress that Ghostwire: Tokyo is not actually a horror game, but rather “an arcade-style action-adventure game” with “pure action, as you freely explore a deserted Tokyo while defeating enemies”.

In that light, Tango Gameworks may have already begun on its quest to “create a wider variety of games in the future.”

Ghostwire: Tokyo pits players against all sorts of demons, ghosts, spirits, and paranormal activities inspired by Japanese folklore. The game will release for PlayStation 5 and PC on March 25, 2022, as part of a one-year console exclusivity agreement. Ghostwire: Tokyo should hence land on Xbox Series consoles a year from now.

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