Tales of the Rays Tips and Strategies Guide – When to Use Artes, Charge Attacks, Best Crystals, Auto-Play Feature

In this Tales of the Rays Tips and Strategies Guide, we have listed some important strategies along with some tips for the game Tales of the Rays. Tales of Rays is a unique game and we have provided you with tips and strategies in this Tales of the Rays Tips and Strategies Guide so that you can fully experience the game without much trouble.

Since this is the first mobile port of the famous RPG we have listed tips and strategies in our Tales of the Rays Tips and Strategies Guide to help you get started with it right away without any problems.

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Tales of the Rays Tips and Strategies Guide

Tales of the Rays Tips and Strategies Guide details everything you need to know about the famous RPG Tales of the Rays, which has come to mobile platforms.

Tales of the Rays Tips and Strategies Guide

Land Charge Attacks Often

When attacking your enemies, always try to charge your weapons. This will ensure that you are dealing maximum damage to your enemies. Also sometimes, the enemies will attempt to block your attacks during the battle.

Charge your CC and then attack. This will make sure that the block is useless against your attacks. Charged Attack is also useful against bosses because they have a shield right from the start. You will not be able to break through this shield unless you use a charged shot. So practice using charged shots as much as possible.

Use the Right Crystals

Tales of Rays has a unique way of upgrading weapons. To upgrade weapons you will be required to fuse them with crystals. There are different types of crystals in the game and each crystal enforces a certain type of damage. Now, the game does not force you to use a certain type of crystal to fuse your weapons with. This can be confusing sometimes and you might end using less effective crystals to upgrade your weapons.

To maximize the efficiency while upgrading the weapons, you must fuse them with the right type of crystals. Match the crystals with the damage of the weapons and the weapon will gain a boost to the damage. Therefore, always try to use the right crystal.

Don’t Overuse Artes

Artes, when used in a row, will cause it go stale. You must take it easy with using the Artes. When you use Artes in a row and do not give a break, they will be counter-productive. Overusing Artes will cause you to do less damage to your enemies, which you do not want considering the fact that the enemies are always more powerful than you.

You should practice using Artes in such a way that they are integrated with your combos. Practice makes perfect. We recommend that you land 3 combo hits and then use an Artes for maximum efficiency. Following this technique, you can kill enemies more easily and they will not be able to block much of your attacks.

Be Careful with Auto-Play

Tales of the Rays have a built-in feature called Auto-Play. When you activate Auto-play, your character will run through the dungeon using the shortest route possible and will take you to the boss.

Auto-Play is good if you want to rush through the dungeons but this will not give you the best experience. The best experience comes when you explore the whole world thoroughly and find all the different secrets and items hidden around the world. We will recommend that you use auto-play as less as possible to enhance your gameplay. This will also make you better at your game and will increase your character’s level much faster.

New Players Receive Benefits

If you are a new player then you are in luck. The game will give all new players a small discount in the shop. In the shop, you can summon one out of three banners. You can pick any banner and the game will offer you a 50% discount on this summon. You can summon each banner once with this discount so it is recommended that you must avail this little welcoming gift put in forth by the developers to get you settled in the game.

This concludes our Tales of the Rays Tips and Strategy Guide. If you have anything to add to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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