Tales of Arise Supply Procurement Walkthrough

What starts as a simple supply procurement mission from the Crimson Crows quickly turns dark when you reach them. In this walkthrough, we cover all the necessary information regarding the Supply Procurement sub quest in Tales of Arise.

Tales of Arise Supply Procurement

The objective for this quest is pretty simple, you have to meet with the Crimson Crows at Sandinus Ravine.

Sandinus Ravine

First, the players need to head towards the Sandinus Ravine to meet the Crimson Crows. The map shows the location with a marker, so you should follow the map closely to move in the right direction.

On moving ahead following the map, you will find some dead bodies. Here, you meet a man that is about to die and gives you some important info in his dying breath.

In the Bushes

The man dies while mentioning something in the bushes. Once the man dies, you will find that he hid some supplies there.

You now have to deliver the remaining supplies to Dyron over at Ulzebek, a quarter for the slaves that you passed to reach Sandinus Ravine.

The waypoint will lead you to a girl and a man in Ulzebek. This man and the girl are related to the man and will be grieving.

Here, you need to talk to them to complete the last requirement for completing the mission.


After you complete this last step, the quest is completed. On completing the quest, you will get a reward in the form of 20 SP and 800 gold.

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