Tales of Arise Secret Mesmald Boss Guide

In this guide, we will cover different tips to help defeat the Mesmald Boss in Tales of Arise including the easiest way possible to encounter this secret boss and how to prepare for Mesmald.

Tales of Arise Secret Mesmald Boss

To be able to fight the Secret Mesmald Boss, you must defeat the Mantis boss in a time interval of five minutes.

Fighting other bosses is optional, and even character weapons are not necessary. Now, we will be telling you how to deal with the Mesmald boss right after the fight with the Mantis boss.

The Mesmald Boss has a lot of HP, which makes it difficult for the players to deal with this boss. The dragon will continuously attack to make you more vulnerable with time.

The players will need a lot of CP and healing items to deal with this huge dragon effectively.

The more the CP and HP restoring items you have in your inventory, the greater the chance that you can heal effectively.

This allows you to withstand the huge dragon for the maximum amount of time, thus allowing you to cause more damage to it.

The items like Life Bottle and Treat might help to serve the cause for you by restoring HP. For example, by using the item treat, you can restore 1000 HP to your inventory.

This can enhance your attacking abilities against the Mesmald boss, thus not giving any room to the dragon against you while you are attacking it.

If you begin with casting buffs to attacks, then you can make the dragon vulnerable to your attacks for the rest of your fight. In this way, the players can disable the Mesmald Boss to recognize their attacks earlier.

The players should also target the weak points of the dragon. For example, hitting on the tail and the legs causes more damage, thus making your attacks more effective.

Also, try to keep moving around the dragon while attacking, so you can prevent yourself from its attacks. The boost attacks to make your Artes more effective can be useful for you guys.

We hope that you find this guide helpful while fighting the Mesmald Boss, and you defeat the boss with ease. So, just move ahead and enjoy a thrilling fight with this monster.

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