Tales of Arise Pursuing Zephyr Walkthrough

In this Tales of Arise guide, we will provide brief instructions on how to navigate through the Icy Plains of Cyslodia in order to complete the Tales of Arise Pursuing Zephyr quest.

Tales of Arise Pursuing Zephyr

The meat of the quest takes place in Cysloden and to get to the capital you must first find the underground passage located in Nevira Snowplains.

Finding the Secret Passage

To put all the areas in sequence for your understanding; your starting point will be the zone of White Silver Plains within which you need to head to a small village known as Messia 224.

From there your Quest will update after completing certain cutscenes to travel through Rudhir Forest. Don’t worry the forest is just outside the vicinity of the village. Get through the area as fast as you can.

After passing through the winding trails of Rudhir Forest you will enter the zone of Nevira Snowplains, now open up your map to spot two ??? marked areas.

You need to enter the upper right one to enter the correct underground passage to Cysloden.

Be prepared for resistance of the highest degree during this journey. You will face countless minor enemies (which you can opt to avoid altogether).

You will also face a gargantuan Ice Wolf Leader Zeugle at the tail end of Rudhir Forest. You might want to start by taking the weaklings accompanying the giant leader first.

The extra adds can really keep you distracted from the main focus of the fight itself. When you finally have clearance to attack the Leader Zeugle, make sure to use Fire Elemental attacks as much as you can to bring the beast down.

Prove your strength and soldier on because we are almost there to Cysloden!


Once going through the secret underground passage, you will arrive at Cysloden. The actual city will be on the end of the map so just trust your marker and head to the doors.

Upon exiting you will find yourself standing at the Fountain Plaza Avenue.

Travel a bit further and you will trigger a cut scene where you will be whisked away in the Snake Eyes Hideout.

Take the door to get outside and head upstairs to trigger another a cutscene that will go over the details about Cysloden and the towers of lights looming above it.

It is revealed that those denizens suspected of mutiny against the Lord are brought to work at the towers thus opening another clue regarding the quest.

The group then decides to see where the light converges so open up the map to spot an unknown area marked as ??? and enter the area to progress.

The new area is revealed to be the Central Plaza Avenue. Simply go a bit forward for another cutscene that reveals the darker side of the authoritarian characteristics of the old city.

Those who suffer from it and a mysterious resistance force. After which turn back and right to follow the path to, yet, another unknown area as shown below.

Once you enter the area you will be introduced by a grand edifice overlooking all of Cysloden. Just go a bit further to meet a crestfallen boy after which your quest will update with the following information- Talk to Menneck.

This is the area where all the floodlights converge hence the mystery regarding Zephyr thus the final stretch of your journey ends here.

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