How to Increase Cure Points in Tales of Arise

In this guide Tales of arise guide, we'll help you understand Cure Points, how to maximize their potential and how to increase Cure Points (CP).

In Tales of Arise, there is an entire system surrounding restoration which utilizes something known as Cure Points! So, in this guide Tales of Arise guide, we will help you understand what Cure Points are, how to maximize the potential of these points and how to increase Cure Points (CP). Let’s start!

How to Increase Cure Points in Tales of Arise

Healing as well as reviving are all centered around cure points. There is no question that Cure Points is essential when progressing through Tales of Arise so it’s best that we start this topic by teaching the player how to increase your CP cap.

Maximize the Potential of Cure Points (CP)

There are two methods available to you when attempting to increase your CP- the first method being, rather simple, play and level up!

As your power increases, your Cure Points will increase in response.

The second method is a bit more difficult and arduous, as you roam about the world of Tales of Arise you will eventually encounter ‘Gigants’. This enemy type is sort of a miniboss that you can butt heads with during your journey to attain Astral Flowers.

These rare flowers raise your Cure Points however these bosses are hard to bring down so make sure you are fully prepared when tackling them. The key here is to have knowledge of your abilities especially the Mystic Artes.


Uses Of Cure Points (CP)

Why even bother investing in this system? Let’s do a brief rundown on why CP is essential in Tales of Arise.

How to Heal with CP

There are various methods of healing your teammates with CP. The first of these being Healing items which you can utilize in and out of combat with ease.

To use these Healing items, go into the Items Menu and pick a healing item of your choice.

Make sure you are reading the description carefully because some items heal a single character while some will heal every party member.

Since items don’t cost CP, it’s a wise decision to make if you want to hold onto your CP in case of emergencies.

Keep in mind that there is a cooldown attached when using healing items so you can’t consecutively spam them.

The second way of healing is to take a rest at Inns or Camps. Resting at any one of these locations will fully heal your party’s HP in tandem with your CP.

Now the third method comprises the usage of CP. CP can be used to heal your characters in and out of combat only if you assign a certain Healing Arte to a command. Dohalim and Shionne are perfect healers, and they use their CP to heal at certain thresholds.

You also have the choice to set their strategic behavior to ‘Focus on Healing’ if you often need restoration during a battle.

Outside of combat, click on the Recovery button inside the game’s Menu. This causes your CP to automatically be utilized to heal your characters.

How to Revive Team Members with CP

Now how can you revive your fallen teammates? Not to worry there are methods available that work in various situations.

The first technique utilizes items again. There are items available that can revive defeated members of your party members. These include Omega Elixirs and Life Bottles. These are valuable so try not to waste them

You can also equip certain Healing Artes that revive characters in exchange of CP.

This is your backup plan in case of a tough battle. If your party is defeated, the Healing Arte will revive everyone with a portion of their HP on them.

How to Restore CP

As aforementioned, one way you can restore CP is to take a rest at Camps or Inns.

Another way is to consume food items such as Pineapple and Orange gels to replenish your CP inside and outside of combat. It’s useful especially during battle since the latter method only restores CP if you are outside of battle.

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