Tales from the Borderlands to Feature Two Protagonists

Finally, Gearbox Software and Telltale Games have revealed some solid information on their upcoming title Tales from the Borderlands.

The game will take place on the planet Pandora, which was the location that was present in the first two Borderlands games by Gearbox, but it will not feature any of the game’s character. Instead, the game will tell the story of the citizens of Pandora.

Tales from the Borderlands will feature two protagonists which were shown in the debut trailer of the title at VGX 2013. The character names are Fiona who is very well dressed con artist and the other one is Rhys who is a cyborg company man.

The main characters have their own unique abilities and skills. Both of the characters are extremely untrustworthy and greedy very much like all the other people in the planet of Pandora.

The game will have more implications on the decisions than any other title by the developer. The players will be constantly forced to decide between the two evils, both of the options will be exceptionally desirable but players will have to choose whatever they think is the best.

Telltale’s Kevin Burner describes the game as:

You never really play what actually happened, you’re playing this Big Fish version of what happened.

Tales from the Borderlands will have the sense of humor and over the top action like the Borderlands franchise. The game will have shooting but it will feel similar to the players who have played the Walking Dead series.

The developer said:

It’s a Borderlands game, there has to be crazy stuff going on

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