Take-Two Drops Agent Trademark, Formerly Upcoming PlayStation 3 Exclusive

Honestly, most of us had probably forgotten about this title since the only announcement we got of it was back in 2006. Rockstar’s parent company Take-Two gave us a reminder though. Not as an update of development, but rather of dropping the Agent Trademark altogether.

It’s often easy to overlook Agent because of Rockstar and Take-Two’s other more prominent titles, such as GTA and Red Dead Redemption. Why it took till now to drop the Agent trademark is something we won’t know unless we ask.

Maybe they were still developing it? Nah. Even Rockstar wouldn’t have the time to spend these many years on the development of what was originally a PS3 exclusive. Especially considering the development of Red Dead Redemption 1 and 2. As well as GTA IV and GTA V. Which were also huge successes.

The game was definitely a work in progress though since an artist at the company expressed their screenshots and concepts of the locations we would have seen in Agent. You can find them here.

The dropped Agent Trademark was for a game set in the 60s era with the focus being on a spy amidst a war. This might have been Rockstar’s planned take on the espionage genre of games. Ones that Splinter Cell and Metal Gear Solid had adapted and utilized to full success.

Other than an E3 announcement in 2009. There was almost no update or mention of Agent until Take-Two dropped its trademark recently. Maybe the studio got busy with one of the titles we still love today? I mean we’ve seen Max Payne, L.A Noire, Red Dead Redemption and GTA titles since then. Any one of them could have been what retconned Agent.

Rockstar’s take on espionage might have been something we missed out on. We’ve seen them do a satirical reality with GTA, a western experience with Red Dead Redemption and even a detective thriller with L.A Noire.

Spy games have also been popular in the past. Goldeneye being a cult classic for example, as well as Metal Gear Solid. Agent could definitely have been a hit on the PS3 had its production not be halted.

With the Agent Trademark dropped, I suppose we’ll never know. On the bright side of things, some beloved trademarks did get renewed at least.

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