Take A Look At These Photos Of Nintendo Destroying Counterfeit Games With A Steamroller

Nintendo was always a target for countless counterfeit video games back in the 90s. What happened to all those counterfeits though? How did the company deal with the situation? Those recently unearthed photos show the unconventional way our childhood hero company destroyed unofficial copies of their game. Truth be told, Nintendo destroying counterfeit games is a nice touch to pass the message.

Back in 1994, Nintendo was one big power in the video game industry. After almost “saving” the entire business of gaming by being in the right place the right time with the release of Super Mario back in 1985, Nintendo became the target of countless counterfeit copies of their games. What Nintendo did when this started happening in 1994 was spread thousands of those copies on the road and have a steamroller crush them, as photos unearthed by Gamegeschiedenis.nl indicate.

This unconventional attempt to fight piracy took place in the Netherlands on September 16th, 1994 and got captured by several sources at the time. Our personal spotlight is the photo where Mario stomps on a pile of counterfeits just before the roller destroys them. The caption in the last photo reads:

Video game company Nintendo is using a roller to combat piracy. At Lelystad airport, ten thousand counterfeit video games were crushed. The Japanese company has started a targeted and structured worldwide campaign to combat forgeries of their video games. The destroyed games came from Hong Kong and were confiscated from a Dutch importing company.

This event even had its own page on a Nintendo magazine in the Netherlands featuring photos of Mario riding the famous steamroller. Just imagine all those piles of useless plastic cartridges that had to be cleaned up after the “ritual”. Such a mess!

What do you think about  Nintendo destroying counterfeit games? Do you think that’s an extreme way to fight piracy?

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