New Far Cry 5 Gameplay Video Shows Whitetail Mountains, The Territory Of Jacob Seed

One of March's most anticipated games, Far Cry 5 just got a new gameplay video, revealing one of the game's most chaotic areas, the Whitetail Mountains.

One of March’s most anticipated games, Far Cry 5 just got a new gameplay video, revealing one of the game’s most chaotic areas, the Whitetail Mountains, the forest-y territory of Jacob Seed, brother of Joseph Seed or better known as the father who is the main antagonist in this game.

In this video, revealed by Ubisoft today, we see how you can use the environment of the Whitetail Mountains to your advantage, using high grounds to snipe unsuspected cultists or plan ambushes and create some chaos after that.

Jacob Seed, one of the antagonists and ruler at the Whitetail Mountains, is an army veteran, using Whitetail Mountains as a domain to train soldiers and use them as “judges” as the video reveals. Counter to John Seed and Faith Seed who use their territories to convert people into their cults, Jacob is merciless and isn’t afraid of getting his hands dirty if he thinks you’re not strong enough. This gives us a good idea of Jacob’s personality, which will prove useful when we later get into the game.

Apart from Jacob’s army, there are more people to interact with at the Whitetail Mountains. The Whitail militia is also present to assist you if you manage to help them out with a couple of favors. There are more companions to be found along the way, like Jess Black, who can assist you after you help her as well as a tamed bear who can create some chaos before you even snap your fingers. There’s even an explosive’s expert to be found there, whose rocket launcher may be extremely helpful in battle.

Last but not least, Ubisoft reminds us that the best way to get help in Far Cry 5 is by playing it in co-op mode, getting all the assistance you may need from a friend. After all, Far Cry 5 is bound to be more of a narrative experience than a hardcore FPS game.

Far Cry 5 releases on March 27th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Far Cry 5 season pass owners will get Far Cry 3 Classic Edition.

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