Take a Look at Early Sketches of Uncharted 4’s Nathan Drake

We are pretty well acquainted to how Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series looks like, and Uncharted 4 doesn’t do much to change the face of the franchise – apart from, of course, visual and graphical upgrades that have been super awesome so far.

However, do you know that our good old treasure hunter did not always look the same; in fact, he might never have looked the way he does now, if some of the earlier sketches of his face and persona were chosen.

Naughty Dog has shared with us two sketches showing the face of Nathan Drake and honestly, he looks nothing like the protagonist that they have been showing us in the tons of screenshots and gameplay footages from Uncharted 4.

The earlier sketches of the character portray him as someone who is sharp to the edge of cunningness. See those eyebrows and the smug smile? They are pertinent to the type of character Nathan Drake would have been assumed as.

Is that a lot different from how you see him now? Would this have changed how the game itself was perceived – or am I reading between the lines too much?

We are sharing the photo with you, check it out below and tell us if you prefer the face he has now or the one might have been.

In parallel news, however, it has been revealed that the recent delay in the release of Uncharted 4 was due to a number of bugs that are plaguing the game. Now the game releases on April 26, 2016.

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