System Shock Remake’s Now Fully Playable, Still Eying 2022 Release

The highly anticipated System Shock remake has been steadily making headway but will unfortunately not be releasing anytime soon.

The highly anticipated System Shock remake has been steadily making headway and is still eying a release somewhere in 2022.

In a new development update provided earlier today, developer Nightdive Studios confirmed that the System Shock remake is now “in a position where the game can essentially be finished from beginning to end.”

The current focus is on “polishing up the levels, and incorporating additional art, animations, and creating a ton of secondary assets.” However, there is still a lot more work to do.

Nightdive Studios noted that it will soon move on to polishing other gameplay features such as “weapon collision with the level geometry, or the basic graphics options menu.”

As for the release date, the developer has clarified that it “never set a specific release date” but will be looking to release the remake somewhere in 2022. Nightdive Studios did though admit that “previous estimations of a release window have not been met.” Work continues to take its course and there are no delays as such to be concerned about at the time of writing. There will be no rushing of any kind as the developer wants “it done right” the first time.

“Rest assured, there is nothing to suggest the game won’t release. It is coming, the game will be released, and we feel those who have been patiently waiting will be rewarded with a game they can be satisfied with.”

The remake of the original 1994 game has now been in development for more than five years. The ambitious project has since then been made cross-generation, meaning that a simultaneous release across both previous- and current-generation consoles as well as PC is a major goal. Support for DualSense features like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers has also been confirmed.

Editor’s note: The post previously stated that the System Shock remake will be skipping its 2022 release window, which has now been corrected.

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