SWTOR ROTHC Hardmode Mandalorian Raiders Flashpoint Guide

It’s been a while since Rise of the Hutt Cartel has been introduced to the SWTOR world. The increased level cap and other exciting additions have made many players to start playing the game again. One primary reason of focus can be the new flashpoints with new challenges and ofcourse, the useful loot players will get after a long hard-fought battle. In this guide, we are going to discuss the basic tips you will find handy while fighting your way through the Hardmode Mandalorian Raiders Flashpoint.

SWTOR ROTHC Hardmode Mandalorian Raiders Flashpoint

Before you start, you should know that Mandalorian Raiders is a Level 55 Flashpoints, and it’s recommended that you should go in there with Dread Guard gear to increase the survivability chances. That said, since the loot drop is the most important thing, one should know before entering any Flashpoint, the Mandalorain Flashpoint will offer you the following goodies:

Mandalorian Raiders Flashpoint Loot Drops

  • Every boss in the flashpoint will drop 2 Elite Commendations except the bonus boss.
  • The bonus bosses however, will drop Exotic element Equalizer which can be used for crafting. One of the bonus bosses will also drop Black market piece.
  • The final boos will also drop an Exotic Element Equalizer and a Black Market piece.
  • Gil will drop off a Random Black Market piece.
  • Marvix Varad will release Black Market boots or gloves.

Now that we know about the loot we will be coming across, let’s move on to the major fights in the flashpoint including the bosses. As a general tip, throughout the flashpoint, watch for the hounds as they do a lot of damage and can be annoying if not dealt with soon enough.

Let’s move to the bosses you will come across during this Flashpoint.

SWTOR ROTHC Hardmode Mandalorian Raiders Boss Fights

Braxx the Bloodhound Boss Fight
The two bloodhounds in the boss fight are immune to taunt. Tank should stay alert to keep the boss away from the DPS as it can be deadly to them if the focus is shifted. DPS, on the other hand, should try to take out the hounds first as they deal a lot of damage. If the boss stay too close to the hounds, the red circle it produces can buff the hounds which can be more dangerous. Keenor’s mortal volley can be deadly so make sure to interrupt it or atleast dodge the red circle. Also, don’t forget that the bosses in this flashpoint are immune to CC attacks.

Gil – Bonus Boss Fight
You can activate this fight if you get to stage 3. You should activate it for sure if you are looking for black market items. The boss itself is not as horrifying. You need to dodge its jumping attacks, and the red AoE circles it makes on the ground. Keep moving so that you may not get caught easily. Try to read its leaping pattern. The melee DPS should especially be careful while fighting in short range.

Marvix Varaad Boss Fight
This boy will jump in different corners of the room. Every time he leaps onto a corner, he will spawn a turret that can deal some hefty damage. It’s very important that when a turret is spawned, you only damage the turret and not the boss as doing so, the turret will be buffed by Marvix dealing 500 more damage. So take out the turret first and the focus the boss. After Marvix has jumped across all four corners, he will come to the center for the final run. All you need to do is doge the red circle and keep damaging him when possible. Soon, he will be history.

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