SWTOR Guide – Weapons, Armor, PVP Items and Commendation Rewards

In any MMORPG, items have a vital role to play in attaining success, whether they have direct or indirect effects. Same is true for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

In The Old Republic, items can be found just about everywhere, be it random locations, shops, or other characters. Each item has its own particular value – both in money and in usefulness, and that is the main feature to look at before deciding to replace it with some other item in your inventory.

Items can generally be categorized into two types: Usable Items and Modifiable Items.

Usable Items
These items include:

  • Med Packs – Used for immediate healing but come with a cooldown
  • Stim packs – Capable of increasing specific attributes for a certain period of time
  • Grenades – Crafted by cybertech, can cause aoe effects
  • Crafting Materials – Though not directly usable by your character they are used in crafting to create items
  • Weapons – Self-explanatory. Some weapons are class-specific, and all weapons require a specific amount of weapon-proficiency in order to be used
  • Armor – Can be used by any class, and give vital stats to increase a character’s performance in combat. Armors have three types: Light, Medium and Heavy

Modifiable Items
Modifiable items are able to make use of mods, which increase the performance of the specific item by improving its base stats. These types of items can scale with your character by adding higher level mods as you find them and use them.

This can allow even an otherwise normal item become extremely powerful with prolong usage and modifying, without the need of disposing it.

Item Grades
Like in various other rpg games such as diablo, items have their own grade, which are indicated by the color scale.

The following are the color scales:

Grey (low) – these are low-quality items that have no practical value to you, but can be sold to vendors for some credits .  Your companion will sell these if you select the ‘sell junk’ option.

White (common) – A common low-quality item or equipment that gives no improvement to stats.

Green (premium) – relatively uncommon items that give you small stats boost.

Blue (prototypes) – these items increase your stats more than green items. They can be modified to boost their general attributes, and are a great choice.

Purple (artifact) – these are very powerful items that give additional effects on top of enhanced stats.

Yellow – these are mission-specific items, obtained during a mission.

Orange (custom) – these items can be customized with a range of item modifications.

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Table of Contents

Star Wars: The Old Republic Weapons

Weapons in SWTOR can be divided into two categories, melee weapons and ranged/projectile weapons.


  • Vibroknife –Small dagger-like weapon.
  • Vibroblade – A training sword-style weapon.
  • Lightsaber – The iconic blade of light in the Star Wars universe, an elegant weapon for a civilized age, used by all Force-related classes. One of a force-user’s rites of passage is to construct their own, personalized lightsaber.
  • Double-bladed Lightsaber/Saberstaff – Two-handed, single-hilt lightsaber with an energy blade coming out of both ends
  • War Blade – A Sith exclusive weapon


  • Blaster Pistol – One-handed distance laser pistol
  • Scatter Gun – Two-handed shotgun for use in close range
  • Sniper Rifle – Two-handed long-range weapon
  • Blaster Rifle – Two-handed medium-range laser rifle
  • Flamethrower – A Bounty Hunter exclusive weapon which cannot be deflected by lightsabers
  • Rockets – Weapons fired from wrist-mounted launchers that can be used only by Bounty Hunters
  • Sleep/Stun Dart – Various types of darts utilized by the Smuggler class that makes the target sleep or stuns them.
  • Grenade – Explosive projectile used by the Smuggler and Trooper
  • Flashbang Grenade – Grenades that stun/blind the enemies after explosion

Star Wars: The Old Republic Armor

Armor in SWTOR comes in three varieties: light, medium and heavy. Armor, like weapons, requires a specific proficiency skill to be worn, usually determined by your advanced class.

Additional to standard and class-specific armors, there also exist armors specifically for your companion characters which are different from customization kits, and change the look of the companions.

The following are the important attributes of armor in SWTOR:

  • Required Level
  • Class Specific
  • Companion Specific
  • Social Levels
  • Valor Rank
  • Armor type

It is also extremely essential to avoid armor having statistics that do not benefit your class-type. Each armor type consists of the following:

  • Gloves
  • Belt
  • Wrist
  • Chest
  • Helm
  • Feet
  • Leg

Light Armor
Light armor in SWTOR includes armor like clothes, robes, and other types of light armor. The armor doesn’t offer as much protection as the medium or heavy armor types, but is great in adding benefits like Will Power Statistics and other similar boosts. The Light Armor is used by

Medium Armor
Medium armor offers relatively more protection, and is used by strong yet more agile warriors. It gives less stats boost than Light armor, but more than the heavy armor, and is best suited for Jedi Sentinels, Sith Marauder, Trooper Commando, and Bounty Hunter mercenary.

Heavy Armor
Heavy armor offers the most protection from all types of foes. The heavy armor is best used by the Bounty Hunter Power Tech, Jedi Guardian, Sith Juggernaut, and Trooper Vangurad classes. Heavy armor has the most protection and will help you greatly depending on your class.

Other Armor Types
Other armor types include accessories like the following:

Implant: An implant is an additional piece of hardware that can be implanted in a character’s body to give them additional abilities and enhancements

Relics: Relics are sacred artifacts from all over the galaxy that offer various types of stat boosts.

Shields: Shields include different types of shield generators that offer a variety of protection like from blaster fire, the elements, or other hazards.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Companion Items

The Companion items include the following:

Droid Items
Droid armor and weapons can be crafted by those having the Cybertech Crew Skill. Parts for crafting these Droid items can be obtained by using the Scavenging crew skill.

Human Items
Coming Soon!

Companion Kits
Companion kits are kits that change the appearance of your companion. This change can have different styles, other than the default, that change skin color and/or add/change tattoos for your companion.

Currently there are only 3 customization kits per starting companion.

All other companions do not have customization kits, currently available to purchase from Companion Kit vendors found in major towns. Each Companion Kit vendor sells the exact same items. It is possible to even purchase kits for companions you do not have and cannot obtain.

Companions can be equipped by opening up the Character Sheet (default ‘C’). On the bottom part of the Character sheet is a tab labeled “Companion”, which allows access to the Companion Sheet. You can drag and drop and Companion item from your inventory (default ‘B’) into your Companion’s.

Companion Gifts
Companion gifts are non-essential items which can be given to your companions, making their affection for you increase. If they don’t like a gift, it can lower their affection or have no change. Companion gifts can be purchased from a vendor or can be obtained from mission Crew Skills.

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On this page you will find Social Items, Consumables and Alignment based items.

SWTOR Social Items

Social Items are items that modify or change the appearance of your characters. These can be bought by having a certain Social Rank, which is increased by Social Points.

The Social Points obtained this way add to your Social Rank which in turn will allow you to purchase the Social Items with credits.

There are numerous ways to increase your Social Rank, out of which the best is to interact with NPCs while online with friends.

Social Items can be found from Social Vendors, and make interesting enhancements. Though Social Items are purchased with credits , it is mandatory that you have the required Social Rank to purchase a specific Social Item.

SWTOR Consumables

Consumable items are items that can be used by a player, and may disappear from the inventory once used. Consumables can be divided into two types:

These include:

  • Medpacs – Used for immediate healing, but come with a specific cool-down.
  • Mountable Crafts – Will be added to your mount screen and can be accessed through vehicles section of the screen.
  • Stim Packs – Used to boost a specific attribute of a character.

Non-Disposable Items
Non-Disposable Items include the Holo-Dancer and Holo-Cam.

Medpacs can be used in battle to regenerate your health. However, medpacs come with a 90 second cool-down, during which time they cannot be used.

Field Medpacs: Field Medpacs cost 600  credits  , require a level of 24, and restore 1050 to 1500 health points.

Trauma Medpacs: These are more advanced medpacs, costing 700  credits  , requiring a level of 28, and restoring 1200 to 1725 health.

Stims are medical items, which boost your stats for one hour. One only Stim can be activated at a time. Stims can be purchased from vendors, or crafted by Biochem.

  • Field Command Stim: Increases Presence by 38 for 60 minutes, costs 1750  credits, required level 24.
  • Field Fortitude Stim: Increases Endurance by 38 for 60 minutes, costs 1750 credits, required level 24.
  • Field Might Stim: Increases Strength by 38 for 60 minutes, costs 1750  credits  , required level 24.
  • Field Reflex Stim: Increases Aim by 38 for 60 minutes, costs 1750  credits  , required level 24.
  • Field Skill Stim: Increases Cunning by 38 for 60 minutes, costs 1750  credits  , required level 24.
  • Field Resolve Stim: Increases Willpower by 38 for 60 minutes, costs 1750 credits, required level 24

Adrenals are a special type Stims that improve the armor, critical rating, and endurance by a massive amount for 15 seconds, giving instant boosts in combat to the targeted stat. They also have a 3-minute cool-down.

SWTOR Alignment Based Items

Allignment based item can be purchased in the Star-Base, from either the Dark Vendor or the Light Vendor. Light and Dark ranks go from rank I to V. Each rank you obtain has specific special items that you can buy.

Dark Side – Sith Items
The following is the complete list of Dark Alignment items:

  • Annihilator’s Boots   credits   6350
  • Annihilator’s Gloves   credits   1000
  • Blood-stained Boots   credits   6350
  • Blood-stained Grips   credits   1000
  • Butcher’s Boots   credits   6350
  • Butcher’s Gauntlets   credits   1000
  • Dark Jedi’s Boots   credits   6350
  • Dark Jedi’s Gauntlets   credits   1000
  • Dark Slayer’s Gauntlets   credits   1000
  • Dark Slayer’s Boots   credits   6350
  • Deathbringer’s Boots   credits   6350
  • Indomitable Boots   credits   6350
  • Indomitable Gauntlets   credits   1000
  • Interrogation Droid   credits   25,000
  • Praxon Xeno   credits   99,000
  • Relic of Anointed Glory   credits   5900
  • Relic of Avenging Awareness   credits   20800
  • Relic of Baleful Momentum   credits   20800
  • Relic of Brutal Command   credits   3500
  • Relic of Cogitative Resilience   credits   5900
  • Relic of of Deadly Meditation   credits   5900
  • Relic of Dedly Premonitions   credits   28250
  • Relic of Dire Omens   credits   3500
  • Relic of Dread Domination   credits   5900
  • Relic of Invigorating Carnage   credits   28250
  • Relic of Liberating Malice   credits   7250
  • Relic of Mortal Decption   credits   7250
  • Relic of Skilled Lethality   credits   28250
  • Relic of Tactical Doom   credits   28250
  • Relic of Visceral Aggression   credits   5900
  • Relic of the Avenging Warlord   credits   7250 
  • Relic of the Dark Nimbus   credits   20800
  • Relic of the Devastating Scourge   credits   20800
  • Relic of the Dread Bulwark   credits   28250
  • Relic of the Valorous Gladiator   credits   20800
  • Shadowblade’s Boots   credits   6350
  • Shadowblade’s Gloves   credits   1000
  • Sith Corruptor’s Boots   credits   6350
  • Sith Corruptor’s Gloves   credits   1000
  • Voidwalker’s Boots   credits   6350
  • Voidwalker’s Gauntlets   credits   1000

Light Side – Jedi Items
The following is a complete list of Light Alignment items:

  • Arena Champion’s Boots  credits  6350
  • Arena Champion’s Gauntlets  credits  1000
  • Ascendent’s Alloy Boots  credits  6350
  • Ascendent’s Alloy Gauntlets  credits  1000
  • Blademaster’s Boots  credits  6350
  • Blademaster’s Gauntlets  credits  1000
  • Enlightened Jedi’s Boots  credits  6350
  • Enlightened Jedi’s Gloves  credits  1000
  • Heavy Gunner’s Boots  credits  6350
  • Heavy Gunner’s Grips  credits  1000
  • Lightbringer’s Boots  credits  6350
  • Little SandCrawler  credits  25,000
  • Peacewalker’s Boots  credits  6350
  • Peacewalker’s Gloves  credits  1000
  • Praxon Aero  credits  99,000
  • Relic of Final Hope  credits  7250
  • Relic of Interposing Harmony  credits  5900
  • Relic of Invigorating Sanctuary  credits  28250
  • Relic of Invincible Hope  credits  20800
  • Relic of Marial Brilliance  credits  1450
  • Relic of Paramount Heroism  credits  250
  • Relic of Psychic Heroism  credits  1450
  • Relic of Triumphant Inisght  credits  11900
  • Relic of Unfettered Fervor  credits  3050
  • Relic of Venerated Sacrifice  credits  11900
  • Relic of Watchful Supremicy  credits  2500
  • Relic of the Annointed Exemplar  credits  8750
  • Relic of the Elder Ward  credits  8750
  • Relic of the Expeditious Protector  credits  8750
  • Relic of the Fervent Battlelord  credits  8750
  • Relic of the Great Resurgent  credits  3050
  • Relic of the Liberating Guardian  credits  11900
  • Relic of the Renowned Champion  credits  2500
  • Relic of the Unstoppable Paragon  credits  11900
  • Relic of the Exalted Battlelord  credits  2500
  • Whirling Shield’s Boots  credits  8000
  • Whirling Shield’s Gloves  credits  1300

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On this page, you will find PVP items.


Bounty Hunter PVP Items
The Bounty Hunter PVP Vendor is located in Kaas City, near the trainer. The following is the list of items available from the Vendor:

  • Arsenal Belt 
  • Arsenal Boots 
  • Arsenal Chestguard 
  • Arsenal Gauntlets 
  • Arsenal Greaves 
  • Arsenal Vambraces 
  • Deep Space Fringer’s Armor 
  • Imperial Admiral’s Reflex Adaptor 
  • Imperial Admiral’s Reflex Enhancer
  • Imperial Admiral’s Rejuvination Relay 
  • Imperial Admiral’s Rejuvination System 
  • Imperial Admiral’s Response Implant 
  • Imperial Admiral’s Response Module 
  • Imperial Admiral’s Ultra Reflex Adaptor 
  • Imperial Admiral’s Ultra Reflex Enhancer 
  • Imperial Admiral’s Ultra Rejuvination Relay 
  • Imperial Admiral’s Ultra Rejuvination System 
  • Imperial Admiral’s Ultra Response Implant 
  • Imperial Admiral’s Ultra Response Module 
  • Legionaire’s Belt 
  • Legionaire’s Body Armor 
  • Legionaire’s Bracers 
  • Legionaire’s Gauntlets 
  • Legionaire’s Helmet 
  • Legionaire’s Legplates 
  • RD-17A Hellfire Belt 
  • RD-17A Hellfire Boots 
  • RD-17A Hellfire Chestguard 
  • RD-17A Hellfire Gauntlets 
  • RD-17A Hellfire Greaves 
  • RD-17A Hellfire Helmet 
  • RD-17A Hellfire Vambraces 
  • TT-17A Hydra Belt 
  • TT-17A Hydra Body Armor 
  • TT-17A Hydra Boots 
  • TT-17A Hydra Bracers 
  • TT-17A Hydra Gauntlets 
  • TT-17A Hydra Helmet 
  • TT-17A Hydra Legplates 

Imperial Agent PVP Items:

  • Amnesty Belt 
  • Amnesty Boots 
  • Amnesty Bracers 
  • Amnesty Gloves 
  • Amnesty Headgear 
  • Amnesty Leggings 
  • Amnesty Suit 
  • Armguards of Lethality 
  • Belt of Lethality 
  • Belt of Virulence 
  • Boots of Lethality 
  • Boots of Virulence 
  • Bracers of Virulence 
  • Gloves of Lethality 
  • Gloves of Virulence 
  • Headgear of Lethality 
  • Headgear of Virulence 
  • Imperial Admiral’s Cardio Relay 
  • Imperial Admiral’s Cardio System 
  • Imperial Admiral’s Mastery Adaptor 
  • Imperial Admiral’s Mastery Enhancer 
  • Imperial Admiral’s Skill Device 
  • Imperial Admiral’s Skil Package 
  • Imperial Admiral’s Ultra Cardio Relay 
  • Imperial Admiral’s Ultra Cardio System 
  • Imperial Admiral’s Ultra Mastery Adaptor 
  • Imperial Admiral’s Ultra Mastery Enhancer 
  • Imperial Admiral’s Ultra Skill Device 
  • Imperial Admiral’s Ultra Skill Package 
  • Jacket of Lethality 
  • Leggings of Lethality 
  • Leggings of Virulence 
  • Legionnaire’s Boots 
  • RD-07A Vendetta Belt 
  • RD-07A Vendetta Boots 
  • RD-07A Vendetta Bracers 
  • RD-07A Vendetta Gloves 
  • RD-07A Vendetta Headgear 
  • RD-07A Vendetta Jacket 
  • RD-07A Vendetta Leggings 
  • TD-07A Scorpion Armguards 
  • TD-07A Scorpion Belt 
  • TD-07A Scorpion Boots 
  • TD-07A Scorpion Gloves 
  • TD-07A Scorpion Headgear 
  • TD-07A Scorpion Jacket 
  • TD-07A Scorpion Leggings 
  • TH-07A Elite Medic Belt 
  • TH-07A Elite Medic Boots 
  • TH-07A Elite Medic Bracers 
  • TH-07A Elite Medic Gloves 
  • TH-07A Elite Medic Headgear 
  • TH-07A Elite Medic Leggings 
  • TH-07A Elite Medic Suit 
  • Uniform of Exalted Service

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On this page, you will find Items given to you in Commendation Rewards.

SWTOR Commendation Rewards

Commendation Rewards are a type of currency that is looted on a random drop rate from NPCs, and is given as quest rewards. Each world, flashpoint, and space battle has its own special commendation reward(s).

Alderaan Commendations
These items can be purchased with Alderaan Comendations, from a vendor on the Imperial Fleet.

  • Agile Judgement Boots  cost 12 
  • Agile Judgement Leggings  cost 12
  • Enshrouding Boots  cost 10
  • Enshrouding Force Legwraps  cost 6
  • Memory Awareness D-Chip cost 6
  • Memory Combat D-Drone cost 6
  • Memory Mastery D-Adaptor cost 6
  • Memory Might D-Device cost 6
  • Memory Reflex D-Device cost 6
  • Memory Resolve D-Relay cost 6
  • Memory Skill D-Device cost 6
  • Muse Boots cost 10
  • Muse Lower Robe cost 12
  • RD-04B Sharpshooter Boots cost 10
  • RD-14B Stealth Boots cost 10
  • RD-14B Stealth Greaves cost 12 
  • Rampage Assault Boots cost 10
  • TD-4B Spec Ops Boots cost 10
  • TD-04B Spec Ops Leggings cost 12

Coruscant Commendations
The Vendor for this type of commendation is located near the cantina off to the left side branch of the lower level of Senate Plaza. The following items are offered there:

  • A-405 Wraith Projector –Assault Cannon, requires Level 16, costs 14 Coruscant Commendations
  • AA-16 Core – Core, requires Level 13, costs 6 Coruscant Commendations
  • Avenger Greaves – Legs, requires Level 13, costs 12 Coruscant Commendations
  • D-212 Particle Beam Saboteur – Blaster Rifle, requires Level 16, costs 14 Coruscant Commendations
  • Dark Erudite Double-bladed Lightsaber – Double-bladed Lightsaber, requires Level 16, costs 14 Coruscant Commendations
  • E-111 Stealth-X Saboteur – Blast Rifle, requires Level 16, costs 14 Coruscant Commendations

Dromund Kaas Commendations:
The following item can be bought from the vendor on the Imperial Fleet through Dromund Kaas Commendations:

  • A-405 Wraith Projector – A ‘bind on pickup’ item equipped on your main hand, dealing 66-123 Energy damage, requires Level 16, costs 14 Dromund Kaas Commendations.

Hutta Commendations
The following item can be bought from the vendor on the Imperial Fleet through Hutta Commendations:

  • Industrial Rustyard Chestguard – 141 Armor, +11 Endurance, +10 Aim, requires Level 8, costs 8 Hutta Commendations
  • Oiled Jiguuna Combat Jacket Hutta – 100 Armor, +11 Endurance, +10 Cunning, requires Level 8, costs 8 Hutta Commendations

Korriban Commendations
The following item can be bought from the vendor on the Imperial Fleet through Korriban Commendations:

  • Oiled Jiguuna Combat Jacket100 Armor, +11 Endurance, +10 Cunning, requires Level 8, costs 8 Korriban Commendations
  • Overseer’s Vestments – 64 Armor, +11 Endurance, +10 Willpower, requires Level 8, costs 8 Korriban Commendations
  • Sith Assailant’s Vest – 100 Armor, +11 Endurance, +10 Strength, requires Level 8, costs 8 Korriban Commendations

Taris Commendations
The following item can be bought from the vendor on the Imperial Fleet through Taris Commendations:

  • Battle Assault Cannon costs 14 
  • Benevolent Force Champion Lightsaber costs 14
  • Benevolent Force Perception Lightsaberstaff costs 14
  • C-305 Military Shrieker costs 14 
  • D-400 Nova Carbine costs 14 
  • D-406 Marskman Interceptor costs 14
  • Dark Force Stoic Double-bladed Lightsaber costs 14
  • E-115 Fusion Saboteur costs 14
  • Force Battler Belt costs 8
  • Force Battler Greaves costs 12
  • Force Champion Belt costs 8
  • Force Champion Greeves costs 12
  • Force Invoker Lower Robe costs 12
  • Force Invoker Sash costs 8
  • Force Perception Legwraps costs 12
  • Force Perception Waistwrap costs 8
  • Force Sentinel Leggings costs 12
  • Force Sentinel Waistcord costs 8
  • Force Stoic Legwraps costs 12
  • Force Stoic Waistwrap costs 8
  • M-305 Rancor-X Enforcer costs 14
  • M-500 Elite Stealth Enforcer costs 14
  • MD-5 Meteoric Electrostaff costs 14
  • MD-5 Shock Viper Vibroblade costs 14
  • Malevolent Force Champion Lightsaber costs 14
  • Malevolent Force Perception Lightsaberstaff costs 14
  • N-400 Rampage-X Saboteur costs 14
  • N-416 Heavy Sonic Crusader costs 14
  • N-416 Rampage-X Enforcer costs 14
  • Principled Force Stoic Double-bladed Lightsaber costs 14
  • R-105 Hunstman Disruptor costs 14
  • RD-05A Sniper Belt costs 8
  • RD-05A Sniper Leggings costs 12
  • RD-15A Mercenary Belt costs 8
  • RD-15A Mercenary Greaves costs 12
  • Righteous Force Invoker Lightsaber costs 14
  • Stygian Force Invoker Lightsaber costs 14
  • TD-05A Marskman Belt costs 8
  • TD-05A Marksman Leggings costs 12
  • TH-05A Operative Belt costs 8
  • TH-05A Operative Leggings costs 12
  • TH-15A Corpsman Belt costs 8
  • TH-15A Corpsman Legplates costs 12
  • TT-15A Powertech Belt costs 8
  • TT-15A Powertech Legplates costs 12
  • Vile Force Battler Lightsaber costs 14
  • X-415 Spec Ops Sharpshooter costs 14

Tatooine Commendations
The following item can be bought from the vendor on the Imperial Fleet through Tatooine Comendations:

  • Battle Instructor Bracers cost
  • Battle Instructor Vest cost 12 
  • Battle Instructor Waistcord cost
  • Cerebral Battle Bracers cost
  • Cerebral Battle Sash cost
  • Cerebral Battle Vestments cost 12 
  • Gladiator Armguards cost
  • Gladiator Belt cost
  • Gladiator Chestguard cost 12 
  • RD-04A Watchman Belt cost
  • RD-04A Watchman Bracers cost
  • RD-04A Watchman Jacket cost 12 
  • RD-14A Scout Belt cost
  • RD-14A Scout Chestguard cost 12 
  • RD-14A Scout Vambraces cost 12 
  • Stalker Bracers cost
  • Stalker Robe cost 12 
  • Stalker Waistwrap cost
  • TD-04A Informant Armguards cost
  • TD-04A Informant Belt cost
  • TD-04A Informant Jacket cost 12

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