SWTOR Flashpoints Guide – Boss Strategy and Tips

Flashpoints are specific important missions in Star Wars The Old Republic, which can be played with a group of players.

They are story-driven missions, with lots of enemies, volatile worlds, and plenty of threats. Every Flashpoint mission begins with a story, and are driven by certain player-based decisions.

These decisions can directly affect different variables like the enemies you fight, the challenges you face, and in many cases, the conclusion of the story itself.

Browse through the table of contents to find the strategy for every Flashpoint in SWTOR. For more help, read our Matrix Cubes, PVP Guide and Companions Guide.

Table of Contents

Battle of Ilum – Tips and Boss Strategy

Darth Malgus has declared himself the leader of a new, independent and dangerous Empire, which plans to unite the galaxy by purging the old Empire and eliminating the Republic.

Aboard the Emperor’s stealth space station, Malgus commands an army of loyal aliens and humans. He has ordered his followers to invade Ilum, and seize the planet’s Adegan crystals.

These are rare artifacts, essential to the completion of Malgus’s all-powerful stealth fleet. It is your duty, that you along with your allies, prevent this from happening, by defending Ilum and securing a command ship from the invading stealth fleet.

The mission consists of various places. These are:

  • The Hanger Bay
  • Ilum
  • Fort Barrow: Courtyard
  • Fort Barrow


  • Board the Shuttle to the Battlefield
  • Take a Speeder to the Trenches
  • Disable the Security Field
  • Get to Fort Barrow
  • Destroy Force Field Generator A
  • Destroy Force Field Generator B
  • Destroy Force Field Generator C
  • Override the Security Console
  • Locate the Stealth Ship Prototype
  • Defeat Darth Serevin

Upon completion of this mission you will gain:
11305 Experience Points

Work in progress, will be updated soon!

Hammer Station Tips and Boss Strategy

Hammer Station is a project, funded by the Republic Senate, who was pressed by the Sith Empire to end the conflicts. The Hammer Station is a prototype mobile facility built around a combined tractor beam and massive gravity cannon.

The tractor beam captured nearby asteroids, and the cannon launched the asteroids at relativistic speeds at a chosen target. The result was so much destruction, that entire worlds could become inhabitable.

After seeing the destruction, the Republic Senate could not authorize its use. The project was scrapped and the files were later destroyed.

In Hammer Station, you have the option of attaining 100 Light or Dark Alignment points, depending on the choices you make.

Boss Fights
Following are the bosses you will encounter in this flashpoint.

1.DN-314 Tunneler
This is the first boss in Hammer Station, and is a massive drill droid. This fight is pretty basic, with the tank-and-spank strategy working well.

However, there are two moves to look out for. The first is that 1.DN-314 wills summon adds regularly to assist him, but they are weak and can be destroyed quickly.

The second is worrying though – 1.DN-314 targets a random party member, dealing constant damage on that target for a specific duration. This attack cannot be taunted back.

It is generally good to use the standard hack-and-slash strategy for the majority part of the boss. However, when the beam attack is initiated, it is best to use any canceling spell, because this attack can seriously cripple an individual.

Potential Drops
This boss can drop the following items:

  • Battle Aspirant’s Gloves
  • Hammer Lookout’s Pants

Riflor’s Champions
This boss fight is basically three elite enemies, one melee, one droid, and a ranged a ranged healer. The droid will regularly pull a single target towards him.

Obviously, the best idea is to take out the healer and melee first, while concentrating on the irritating droid later.

Another pretty basic fight which doesn’t really need much contemplation.

Potential Drop

  • Hammer Soldier’s Serrated Knife
  • Hammer Lookout’s Jacket
  • Hammer Initiate’s Headgear
  • Battle Aspirant’s Robe

Battlelord Kroshen
This is the final boss of Hammer Station. The Battlelord is a ranged-type enemy and has three main basic attacks.

The first is a continuous barrage fire on a single target. In the second attack Kroshen throws mines around him and knocks players towards them. In the third attack the boss summons reinforcements. These adds are easy to take down, but can quickly cripple your healer.

The obvious thing to do here is keep constant healing, while the heavier players tank-and-spank the boss. After his second attack is initiated, make sure to get away from the mines as quickly as possible.

For his third attack, it is very important to take down the adds as quickly as possible, otherwise they could do severe damage to any squishy player.

Potential Drop

  • Battle Aspirant’s Lower Robe
  • Battle Aspirant’s Lightsaber
  • Warbringer’s Body Armor
  • Advance Scout’s Blaster Rifle
  • Hammer Deadeye’s Exterminator
  • Hammer Precision Holdout
  • Hammer Assault Headgear
  • Hammer Saberstaff of Vindication

Mandalorian Raiders Tips and Boss Strategy

Mandalorian Raiders is a level 24 Flashpoint for the Empire faction, accessible via the Imperial fleet drop-ship.

You’ll be facing plenty of hounds in this Flashpoint, and you should be careful about them, because they can pack quite a punch.

Do keep in mind that this is one of the harder Flashpoints of the game, thus it is recommended to heal after every relatively large encounter.

Boss Fights
Following are the bosses you will encounter in this flashpoint.

Braxx the Bloodhound
This guy is a standard tank enemy, but it’s his companions that really make him challenging. The two hounds that accompany him cannot be taunted, and deal quite a punch.

Moreover, he can use an aura to buff the hounds, which further increases their damage against players. It is obviously best to get rid of the hounds first, and then concentrate on the main boss.

Also, make sure not to tank in the aura range when it is active, otherwise you’ll lose a lot of health from the buffed hounds.

Once one hound is down, the fight becomes considerably easier, provided you have enough players standing on their feet. Once both hounds are dead for good, it’s time to get rid of Braxx, which shouldn’t be too difficult.

Imperial Landing Party
This is a collection of a Jedi Sentinel, Jedi Guardian, a Gunslinger, and a Commando. You can expect yourself to be thrown all around the place against these guys, as they are quite difficult.

Plus, these guys can’t be crowd controlled so no need to bother with that. The general idea would be to take them down one by one.

However, there’s an eerie twist to that strategy. Taking one down makes the others stronger and the fight becomes more difficult.

A good option would be to distribute your attacks so to lower all of their respective health, and then take them down one by one. Good luck though!

Mavrix Varad
You’ll have to do a lot of running to take down this jumping maniac. Though the final boss of the Flashpoint, Mavrix Varad is relatively less intimidating than the other two earlier bosses, but that doesn’t mean he should be taken easy.

He has a habit of regularly jumping from one location to another, and catching up with his rapid movements can become a little tedious.

He’ll also jump in one of the few edges of the area which have strong turret pairs mounted. At this time, it is best to divert your attention to the turrets and take them out as quickly as possible.

Remember, the key to annihilating this boss is to annihilate his turrets – he’s a wuss otherwise.

The Black Talon Tips and Boss Strategy

The Black Talon is a Flashpoint available upon arrival to the Imperial Fleet. You can earn 200 Dark or Light Alignment points, depending on your choices.

Boss Fights
Following are the bosses you will encounter in this flashpoint.

GXR-5 Sabotage Droid
This is a giant droid, who summons smaller kamikaze droids that move towards you and explode, dealing massive damage.

This is a simple boss fight apart from the exploding small droids. Make sure any ranged DPS takes these out before they explode, while the rest tank the boss itself.

Note. This boss may not appear at all, depending on the choices you make at the beginning of the Flashpoint.

Potential Drops

  • Black Talon Juggernaut Gauntlets
  • Black Talon Hunter’s Boots
  • Black Talon Operative’s Jacket

Commander Ghuili
Ghuili is the second boss you will encounter. He is a melee type with a vibro sword. He is pretty bland, but has only one potentially dangerous ability – he drops bombs that do AoE damage over time before they explode.

These can be easily avoided, and the boss is more or less very easy as long as the tanks in your party keep him busy.

Potential Drops

  • Black Talon Inquisitor Gloves
  • Black Talon Juggernaut’s Boots

Bonus Boss
A bonus giant robot boss which has a fairly simple strategy: follow the aggro holder and attack him/her. You can utilize the surroundings and make this boss absolutely harmless, by making the aggro holder hide behind the neighboring boxes. The robot will simply try to follow him/her, and won’t attack until it has a clear shot.

Potential Drops

  • Black Talon Powertech’s Power Generator
  • Black Talon Inquisitor’s Robe
  • Black Talon Juggernaut’s Shield

Yadira Ban
The finals boss’s attacks are mostly melee, similar to those of Sith Warriors or a Jedi Knight. The best strategy with her is to attack her collectively.

If you go one on one with her, she can be a bit overwhelming, and even take out some of the tankiest players in a few seconds.

Try to make one player bait here while the others attack, and try to eliminate her leaping ability by staying behind the boxes.

Potential Drops

  • Warmonger’s Saberstaff
  • Black Talon Deadeye’s Extermintor
  • Lightsaber of Vengeful Mastery

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The Esseles Tips and Boss Strategy

When a Republic transport secretly carrying a high-profile passenger is attacked by Imperials, your team must defend the ship and eventually decide the outcome.

This flashpoint is introduced right after leaving your prologue planet, in the docking bay of the republic fleet. It is offered up as one of two ways to reach Coruscant.

The flashpoint starts with you on board the transport bound for Coruscant. Midway, the transport is attacked by the Sith, initiating the main part of the Flashpoint.

Boss Fights
Following are the bosses you will encounter in this flashpoint.

Lieutenant Isric
Isric is a ranged soldier, throwing waves of mobs attack from behind him throughout the fight. The key thing with this boss is to deal with the waves, while regularly damaging Isric as well.

Isric also has a conal AoE blast attack, which does decent damage, but the real threat is obviously the wave of adds.

For this, you need to have the melees concentrate on the boss, while the ranged players exterminate the wave threats. This boss is fairly simple if you can manage to keep the wave of enemies in check.

Ironfist is the second boss in The Esseles. Ironfist also spawns adds throughout the fight, and while they don’t need to be tanked, they should also be eliminated as quickly as they can be.

Apart from the adds summoning, Ironfist has an AoE knockback, and a missile salvo, that fires missiles which land on the blue reticules on the ground.

The waves of adds in this boss fight are less intense, but should not be underestimated. It is a good idea to keep you in motion so to avoid the missiles, and have the melees tank the boss.

ISS-7 Guardian Battledroid
This is a fairly simple tank-and-spank fight, requiring no real strategy apart from constant aggression and offense.

Bonus Boss
Right after the above mentioned boss will be a bonus boss. For small groups using companions this is the hardest boss in this instance.

To get it to spawn, your party will need to click two computers on opposite sides of the room at the same time. If you’re confident, you can take on this boss, but if you’re not, it is best to avoid confronting this drone.

The droid will occasionally buff his damage output, increasing the damage dealt to the primary target, and damaging anyone within close range.

Lord Vokk
Lord Vokk is the final boss of this Flashpoint. Vokk’s abilities consist of an AoE knock back, a lightsaber throw, Force Choke, and an ability similar to the missile one of Ironfist, except that it throws lightning.

Like the first two bosses, it is best to tank him with melee players, while the adds are kept in check by ranged party members.

Athiss Tips and Boss Strategy

You can do this flashpoint in Fleet after you have reached level 19.

Boss Fights
Following are the bosses you will encounter in this flashpoint.

Watch out for the affliction field as it will poison damage as long as your are standing in the circle marked on the ground.

At some point during the fight, she will summon adds that your DPS will need to take down to ensure that your healer doesn’t get overrun.

The Beast
Inititally, your team needs take down the 4 adds he enters with, as soon as possible. The remaining task should primarily be given to tank due to its paralyzing AE attacks followed by a knockback.

When he calls more adds, the character meant for damage role should take care of them.

Prophet of Vodal
Tank should be the only character dealing with this boss as his crushing darkness attack can consume up to 90% of the health.

Healer should do his task and support both the tank and damage player. He will start throwing flames randomly when his health reaches 66% and 33%.

Dodge the attacks while other team members use this time to attack the beast.

Streets of Cademimu Tips and Boss Strategy

This flashpoing also occurs in Fleet and the level range to access it is 28-32.

Following are the bosses you will encounter in this flashpoint.

Police Squad
Although there are two of them but you need to focus on Xander rather than the droid as it can’t be damaged. The mechanic is slow but make sure that you don’t receive any hit as it will do plenty of damage.

It will randomly follow the squad members so it’s better that you keep notice of the moving machine. Rest of the squad members can focus on Xnader. Once he is down, the droid will automatically fall.

Captain Grimyk
Tanks should stay away as his flame attack can be troublesome. He will also pop up grenades so it is better that you spread out.

When the reinforcements arrive, you should try to lure them into the flame attack initiated by the boss itself.

General Ortol
He will start with the AE knockback attacks causing damage to all the targets in the melee range so try to keep a safe distance.

The rocket fires through the pipes in the arena can be troublesome. Luckily, the rocket attack onset is predictive (after every 25%). Make sure that you are in the other corner to avoid the damage.

Boarding Party Tips and Boss Strategy

The flashpoint will take place in Imperial Fleet and you need level 32-36 to participate in this quest.

Boss Fights
Following are the bosses you will encounter in this flashpoint.

HXI-51 Juggernaut
First watch out of the reticule to avoid damage and when it uses lightening bolts, make sure that your group stays on the move to dodge the attacks. Meanwhile, use your attacks to take out the boss.

Major Alvena
The female major will arrive with two static droids with her. They are fairly simple so the damage squad should take them out quickly.

When first droid is eliminated, reinforcements will arrive. Deal with them and then repeat the procedure with the second droid. Remove the major at the end to conclude the long but relatively simple fight.

Sakan Do’nair
Your focus should be on the two healers that come along the boss. Use interrupts to stop continuous healing while executing your other damage dealing attacks.

When Jedi guardian arrives, you don’t need any rocket science here. Just stay spread out and use the intervals to inflict the damage and soon the battle will be over.

Storm Squad
It’s a three man squad. Naturally, you should focus on the healer first and then turn your attention towards the buffer. The damage guy then will be a piece of cake if you manage to take the other 2 without any major trouble.

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Taral V Tips and Boss Strategy

Work in progress, will be updated.

Maelstrom Prison Tips and Boss Strategy

Work in progress, will be updated.

Foundry Tips and Boss Strategy

The quest will take place in Imperial Fleet and you can undergo this flashpoint when you are at 36-40.

Boss Fights
You will encounter following bosses in this flashpoint.

Burrower Matriarch – HK-47
It’s one hectic battle. Start by pulling him away from the center so that you can deal some damage. The Burrower uses the standard range attacks and when enough health has been consumed up, two more enemies will enter the battlefield.

When you have dealt with them, the main boss will disappear and you will get the message about the activation of the core.

Now, you need to destroy the panels on the pillar. Make sure that you do it in time because if you fail, he will get 50% boost to attack power. The process will continue till death.

N4-10 Exterminator – Revan
The fight can be divided into three sections. The first phase is quite hard for the tanks due to boss’ armor damaging attacks.

To stay put, healer will play a crucial role throughout the fight to neutralize the effect of inevitable damage.

If things don’t go well, you can include one more tank in the team to absorb more damage. Make sure that you interrupt the Replenish move or it will heal by 30%.

Foundry Guardian
Will be updated, stay tuned.

Colicoid Wargame Tips and Boss Strategy

Fleet is the location while you need level 40-44 to participate in this.

Boss Fights
Following are the bosses you will encounter in this flashpoint.

Hazard Droid
He will first stun the players on random and then shot rail will follow, burning the target. You should immediately use break free ability to snap out of it.

The AE attacks won’t be a problem if you can manage to maintain a safe distance from the boss.

Battle Droid
The trick here is to draw fire using one member while others focus their attacks on the droid to take it out quickly. The member being targeted needs to be mobile to dodge the attacks effectively.

Arena Beast
Tanks should stay cautious as its armor debuff attack can degrade your armor up to 40%. Otherwise, the boss has nothing special to take care of.

The primary threat of this boss is the long range rocket which can affect the surrounding squad mates in range too and continue causing fire damage for some time. Stick to the basics i.e stay spread out and you will be fine.

Don’t forget to share your own strategies to defeat these bosses. Comment below and we will share your input with our readers!

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