SWTOR Datacrons Locations Guide – Artifacts and Shards

During your exploration of the various planets in Star Wars: The Old Republic you will find several powerful artifacts called ‘Datacrons’ that will boost your character stats like Cunning, Presence, Endurance, Aim, Willpower and Strength.

These artifacts emit a colorful glow to show the type of bonus they give. Following is the list of colors these artifacts emit and the stat bonuses associated with each color:

  • Blue: Willpower
  • Green: Endurance
  • Light Green: Aim
  • Red: Strength
  • Yellow: Presence
  • White: Matrix Shard
  • Orange: Cunning

Follow this guide to retrieve all these powerful artifacts. You can browse by the planet you are on, using the table of contents. For more help on Star Wars: The Old Republic, read our Skill Tree and Crash Fixes Errors guide.

Table of Content

You can click any planet name in the list that follows to find the locations of all the datacrons scattered throughout that planet.

Alderaan Datacrons Locations

Strength +
Location. Kaamos Territory
Coordinates. X: 2191, Y: -2020
Go the vendor south of Tarlarn Outpost and buy MGGS. Now, go to Larantha Dam at (2164, -1992) and look for the red datacron half-way past the front of the dam.

It should be visible on the road if you approach it from the west. Hookshot onto the clickable panel above the datacron and retrieve it.

Aim +
Location. The Juran Mountains
Coordinates. X:1106, Y: 79
Look for this datacron on an island that is inaccessible from the ground. To reach it, take the bridge to the ‘First Do Harm’ group quest (1241, -106), and look for a wire loading down the island and a ‘Damaged Lift’ that moves up and down the wire at (1083,0) toward the southern tip.

Jump over the damaged lift and use it to reach the datacron. You may have to give it a few tries to successfully retrieve it.

Endurance +
Location. King’s Pass
Coordinates. X:2373, Y: 2450
You will have to go through the ‘Syrush Estate’ group area to get this datacron. Go the vendor directly south of Tarlarn Outpost and buy a Red Detonite Actuator.

Next go to the above position leading into a cave called ‘Ruur Killik Burrows’. Inside the cave, go directly east to (2685, 2487).

Look for a cave-in here and find flashing red light. You will find the light behind a rubble, blow it away, and retrieve the datacron (2721, 2496).

Presence +
Location. The Glarus Valley
Coordinates. X: -81, Y: -268
Look for it high up the rock face of the tall rock pillar in this location. You will have to fly up using the ‘Saddled Thranta’ location at (-413, -209) to reach this datacron.

Willpower +
Location. The Glarus Valley
Coordinates. X: -2508, Y: -427
Enter Castle Panteer at (-2317, -417). In the south-west corner of the main room is a smashed door with little gap to walk through (-2317, -370).

Take the stairs up and follow the balcony to the right. Travel around the balcony to the datacron lying beside the fallen statue.

Balmorra Datacrons Locations

Strength +
Location. Gorinth Canyon
Coordinates. X:726, Y: 2033
Go to (718, 1860) and follow the path past the World Boss ‘Grandfather’ back through the rocks to reach this datacron.

Green Matrix Shard
Location. Gorinth Canyon
Coordinates. X: -504, Y: 2000
You will find it in the Neebray Warehouse and can retrieve it only if you choose Imperial class. To reach it, go the fast southwest corner of the Gorinth Canyon map and look for a cave complex at (-472, 1929).

Look for an elevator at the rear of the complex and go down this elevator. On the bottom level, you will find this datacron but you need another player.

Two players must activate the ‘Shield Control’ panels to the right and left, and get the timing right top unlock the door and retrieve it.

Tip. If you touch the panel when the targeting reticule is activate, you will be able to unlock the door.

Cunning +
Location. Balmorran Arms Factory
Coordinates. X: 1851, Y: 112
Go to far north of Sundari Flatlands and through the Balmorran Arms Factory at (1297, 728) player position, (1594, 723) cursor position.

Once you are at the Power Center, head to the east, get in to the water, and follow the shoreline to the datacron.

Aim +
Location. Markaran Plains
Coordinates. X: -1018, Y: 1517
From the main level of the droid factory go to the far west elevator that leads to the Assembly line group area. Go down the elevator and in the group area. Look for the droid conveyors and drop down onto the first one to the right, then down onto the floor.

Inside the nearest conveyor support pillar at (-1023, 1515) is an opening shaft-way that drops down onto the pipe that holds the datacron. It’s the second conveyor north of the passage you entered into the conveyor room.

Willpower +
Location. Bugtown
Coordinates. X: 191, Y: -344
Drop down into the water and head east to the vendor at player position (673, 36). Buy ‘Lost Code Cylinder’ for 5000 credits.

Go to ‘Space Chest’ on the north side of the broken bridge at the coördinates given above. Open it and loot to retrieve the datacron.

Belsavis Datacrons Locations

Willpower +
Location. High Security Section
Coordinates. X: -2072, Y: 378
Another datacron that you can’t get access to directly because it is 20m above on the cliff-wall. To retrieve this datacron, go around the north of the rock structure to (-2400, 391) – you will encounter ‘Rabid Belsavis Varactyl’.

Look for a broken wall, difficult to notice, but once through you can follow the canyon to reach the datacron.

Green Matrix Shard
Location. The Tomb – Inside the Cave Under Tree
Coordinates. X: -315, Y: -2173
Find the elevator to the Cave Under Tree on the tomb map. You will find at (-547, -2172). Take the elevator down and travel through the far end of the room. Look for a glowing cube with quest reticule above it.

To reach the datacron, you will have to activate a machine powered by 4 Rakata Cubes. These cubes are found all over Belsavis and spawn at random locations. If you don’t have them, you can get two of these at:

  1. Minimum Security (-154, -45) on top of small hill at the base of a tree.
  2. High Security section (-2790, 955) on another hill near base of tree.

Place four cubes into the machine and activate it and get inside the datacron to get the shard.

Presence +
Location. Maximum Security Section
Coordinates. X: -3484, Y: -866
Find a cave at (-3704, -565) and follow the cliff around to the datacron. From there, travel in opposite direction.

Aim +
Location. The Tomb
Coordinates. X: 784, Y: 126, Z: -1929
Start at player position (-704, 141, -1897) in the western region of the Tomb area. From here look directly west and you will find yourself in front of an opening in some rock, with a large lave pool beyond it.

Walk toward it and you will come across a small rock extending out of the lave, and you should be able to see the datacron on an island on the other side of the lave pit.

Zoom out, try to see the view below you, you should see the outline of a small bridge. If you can’t see the bridge, look east and then look down, you should see the outlines of a narrow nearly invisible bridge.

Now, you need to make a precision drop down to it, and then a precision run to the other side to the island. Take the datacron, and then take the Rakata transport to reach the another transport out of this area.

Endurance +
Location. High Security
In the northern end of the zone, find an outcropping of rocks on the map which looks like a ‘L’. There is a cave on the north side of it. Enter the cave and look for this datacron at the back guarded by a boss.

Corellia Datacrons Locations

Willpower +10
Location. Blastfield Shipyard
From the Southeast corner, run along the side of the building, under the metal platform and jump onto a beam that goes east. From there look for the datacron in the southern area in the open.

Cunning +10
Location. Labor Valley
Find a flaming pipe overhead on the East side of the road running North to South from north of Republic Train Station.

From around the building to the northeastern side, up the debris, run around the roof to where the pipe was, and look for the datacron inside the broken pathway.

Strength +
Location. Labor Valley
Look for a crane holding a shuttle in the South of Republic Train Station. Go up the pipe that is holding up the canopy, and jump onto the shuttle from the canopy. Now jump off on the other end, and take the elevator to get to the higher box – from here jump to get the datacron.

Coruscant Datacrons Locations

Presence +
Location. Old Galactic Market – Shipping and Receiving Docks
Coordinates. X: 2318, Y: 1051, Z: 472
Get on the lift to your left after crossing the bridges to reach this datacron. Go prepared though, there is an élite mob guarding the area.

Endurance +
Location. Black Sun Territory – Black Sun Market
Coordinates. X: -3626, Y: 147, Z: -1293
When you exit a small enclose halfway through the area, go left across a deep crack and you should find this datacron.

To reach this datacron, turn right, kill the mobs in the area, go around the back of the trash can, and fall down on the other side.

Cunning +
Location. Justicar Territory Shipping Docks
Coordinates. X: 1023, Y: 3967, Z: -1036
Look for the crates in center of the isle that divides two main paths. Head west and you should see it in the northern most part of the map. To reach it, time your jumps carefully.

Strength +
Location. Jedi Temple Ruins – Mezzanine
Coordinates. X: -3088, Y: 3031, Z: 538
Get to the second level and turn left. Reach the area where Dark Sith Anew Xydes is meditating. Kill him or leave him, and look for this datacron overlooking the center of the area.

Yellow Matrix Shard
Location. The Works – Justicar Territory Checkpoint
Coordinates. X: 905, Y: 4557, Z: ???
You will find this datacron halfway through the rocks, above the level. Look for the hallways along the east central that is if you were to follow it around and to the north, overlooking a trench from where you came and couldn’t get up to before, a very well lit, yellow area.

If you are standing on that grating you have gone too far. Backtrack from there to the bend you just came from, this is where you see boxes and pipes you must jump up. Take these jumps to reach the datacron.

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Dromund Kaas Datacrons Locations

Yellow Matrix Shard
Location. Heroic Area – Drumund Kaas The Malignant Bog
Coordinates. X: -187, Y: 1738, Z: -110
You will have to trek through the heroic area south of the Wall Warp point to reach this datacron. To go there, cross the initial bridge from the wall and run straight ahead following the first wall to the left.

Keep following and you should see the datacron up on a ledge above a waterfall. Follow the wall to the east and you should eventually go halfway off the map, but just keep yourself beside the wall and you should reach the datacron.

Presence +
Location. Dromund Kaas Spaceport Expanse
Coordinates. X: 580, Y: 798, Z: 115
Exit the spaceport and head up to the hill to your left. Look for a cave in the mountains at the top of the hill. Get in and pass through the cave and follow the path onwards. You should find this datacron in plain sight.

Strength +
Location. Spaceport Docking Bay D-61
Coordinates. X: 865, Y: 642, Z: ???
In the main spaceport where you arrive on Dromund Kaas. Look at the top of shipping containers.

Cunning +
Location. Dark Temple Approach Kaas City EXpansion District
Coordinates. X: -1219, Y: 212, Z: ???
Jump on the stack of boxes and crates near the tents above the canyon, from there, jump over the fence and run down the path to jump off the large plateau. From here, drop on to the pillar holding the datacron.

Endurance +
Location. Dromund Kaas Lord Grathan’s Estate
Coordinates. X: -793, Y: 1450, Z: ???

Hoth Datacrons Locations

Cunning +
Location. Starship Graveyard – In the Star of the Coruscant (South, East Wall)
Coordinates. X:3144, Y:-12, Z:475
Take the elevator to the top level and climb the containers in the northeastern corner until you get on top of the container to jump on the containers to go back and forth across the room. You should see the datacron by the last container.

Endurance +
Location. Starship Graveyard – Northeast Corner
Find a way to go on top of the archway. You can reach there from the élite area north of the archway. Follow the path across the ship and you should find this datacron.

Presence +
Location. Glacia Fissure – Northeast Corner
Take the cave where you need to dismount, go left up the hill by the east wall, and jump up on the icy part of the wall.

Follow it to the north and jump down onto the raised area that you couldn’t reach before and follow it to the north to get the datacron.

Red Matrix Shard
Location. In southeast corner of the highmount Ridge zone, northwest of the path on the map. It will require Hydro Thinner to open.

Strength +
Location. It drops from the ancient bot on the west side of the bonus series area. You will find the instructions on how to get this datacron written on the item.

HUTTA Datacrons Locations

Aim +
Location. Hutta – The Bog (Lower Swamp on a Hill)
Coordinates. X: -96, Y: 22, Z: 861
Enter Evocii camp from the west entrance and follow the hill around to the east until you find a silver scaffolding that is leaning on to the hill.

Walk up on this scaffolding onto the hill and continue up. Keep heading east, going up. Keep going and you should find the datacron but not before you will have to take a fall to reach it.

Presence +
Location. Hutta – The Rustyards
Coordinates. X: 497, Y: 13, Z: -13
You can find this datacron by heading north of the Rust Yards. Look for a pipeline heading straight north along the boast.

Jump on it and follow it across a small platform of similar height and then jump back on the pipeline. Keeping up with the pipeline to reach a raised hill with a Chemlizard.

Kill the lizard and look for datacron in the east side of the hill, it should be visible now.

Blue Matrix Shard
Location. Heroic Area – Sewer Maintenance Tunnels
Coordinates. X: -22, Y: -12, Z: 319
When you are doing quest – Factory Recall, walk down the ramp by the quest giver and hug the wall on the right side, you will eventually reach this datacros after fighting the boss in the area.

You can even get it at level 1 by running through the area – you will die few times but you will get the datacron.

Ilum Datacrons Locations

Endurance +
Location. In the middle of the map there’s a pit area by an elevator. Go right where the path forks at the bottom of this pit to get this datacron.

Red Matrix Shard
Location. Look inside the tent that is above Republic Base Camp.

Yellow Matrix Shard
Location. Look for it inside a house west of the Imperial Base Camp.

Korriban Datacrons Locations

Willpower +
Location. Lower Wilds Outskirts
Coordinates. X: 530, Y: 65, Z: -162
Follow the mountain around or head northeast from the Wild Laboratory and you should find it when you are going down the path from the Wild’s Laboratory.

After passing the chemical storage box, you should see a tukata standing on a path, follow this path to reach the datacron.

Endurance +
Location. Sacred Ruins
Coordinates. X: 150, Y: 5, Z: 78
Look for this datacron by the shuttle that leads off World to Imperial Fleet.

Red Matrix Shard
Location. Tomb of Tulak Hord – The Ruined Atrium
Coordinates. X: -54, Y: -12, Z: 379
Look for this datacron in the southwest side of the Tomb of Tulak Hord. This shard ‘Ruined Atrium’ can found behind a wall, inside a hole.

Nar Shaddaa Datacrons Locations

Aim + (Republic)
Location. Nikto Sector – Northeast Section
Coordinates. X:-3361 , Y:3313
On the crate leading to the container, to an overhang. You will have to carefully make your way to the lamp post to reach this datacron. Avoid walking across the line with the carpets!

Aim + (Empire)
Location. Corellian Sector
Head east from the tax until you are in the first area with hostile NPCs. You need to reach top of the third shelter on the right side of the path, by the benches.

Jump on the floating kiosk from top of the third shelter and you should reach this datacron.

Cunning +
Location. High Security – Bonus Series Area
Look for the crates on the far east wall of the zone and jump up to get a ramp on the catwalks. It will lead you to the incinerator Room.

Walk in the fire and open the door using second option. Don’t forget to grab the slot card, you will need it!

Presence + (Republic)
Coordinates. X: 3520, Y: -3290
In the Gauntlet Gang Area by the elevator, go southeast and look for a place you can use to jump on the overhang to reach the upper catwalks. Take the elevator and you will see the datacron.

Presence + (Empire)
Location. Duros Sector – Slums
From the south end of the Slums, take a left and climb the containers and metal structure to reach the balcony. Run through the canopy to the other balcony on your right and go through the elevator.

Once you are on the other side, jump on the pipe in front of you to the left and follow through. Run down the canopy to reach the datacron.

Yellow Matrix Shard
Location. Network Security Sector (Bonus series area)
Requires Slot Card #
Leave the high security sector through the central northern exit to get reach the Network Security. Once inside, go forward up and to the left to find this datacron on a platform above you.

It will be inside a glowing machine. To reach it, come from the west of where you see it. You will need to jump up some containers on the east wall to reach it.

Strength + (Republic)
Location. Shadow town
West side of the map in the prison area, look for some containers behind a security door you can jump up. Jump up and take a right when on top, jump again to reach the elevator.

Take the elevator and you should see the datacron in the plain sight.

Strength + (Empire)
Location. Network Security Sector (Non Bonus Area)
From the Network area, find the interchangeable ‘Unmanned Tax’ in the east section of the taxi platform. Use the pipes to fall down on it using the wall above it.

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Ord Mantell Datacrons Locations

Presence +
Location. Mount Avilatan
Coordinates. X: -977, Y: 201, Z: 9
Look on the beach south of Savrip Island, west of volcano. Run down the beach and you should see the yellow light it is emitting.

Aim +
Location. Savrip Island
Coordinates. X: -656, Y: -561, Z: 44
In Savrip Island, west of Oradam Village. Look for this datacron in the middle of the island, by the rocks. You can jump up the rocks at (X: -717, Y: -517, Z: 17) to reach this datacron. It is recommended that you come in this area at any level above 8.

Red Matrix Shard
Location. Mannett Point beach
Coordinates. X: 778, Y: 133, Z: 8
On the beach, north of Mannett Point Island, guarded by level 8 droid.

Quesh Datacrons Locations

Cunning +
Location. Republic Operational Headquarters
Coordinates. X: 1317, Y:140
You will find it directly north of where it says ‘Republic’ in Republic Operational Headquarters on the map, inside a fenced off area, by the hole on the Northwest side.

Endurance + (Requires Two Players)
Location. X:1121, Y:775
Look for a solid road making a rectangle in the middle of the map. Entrance is on the northside and it intersects it, from east to west.

One player should take the big room and other should press the button to lock them in the room (Filling the poisonous gas).

After locking them in, get away from the door and ask the player inside to press the two override switches that are near the middle of the room.

This will vent the room and kill the person who locked you in if they don’t move but it will open the door inside the room on the south wall to get access to the datacron.

There is a switch inside to let the other player in after the poison has been completely vented.

Strength +
Location. Three Families War Camp
South of the camp, south of the big hill, look for a small path between the two barricade walls.

Taris Datacrons Locations

Strength +
Location. Transport Station 5
Coordinates. X: 1187, Y: -574, Z: -137
Go behind the ship (X: 1132, Y: -576, Z: -149) and up on the large slanted metal to the pipe. Follow the pipe to the platform, jump to the platform and follow to reach the datacron.

Cunning +
Location. The Tularan Marsh Derelict Swoop Tracks
Coordinates. X: 1048, Y: 454, Z: -189
Start at pipe (X: 1181, Y: 264, Z: -171) near the raceway north of Brejik’s Run Outpost. Follow the path and it will take you to the datacron, it is on the platform when leaving Brejik’s Run Outpost.

Aim +
Location. Resettlement Zone
Coordinates. X: -1513, Y:-272, Z:-255
Look for a large pipe with a road running through in the north side of the zone. Follow this road up the hill to the northeastern section and look for a ledge on the right side of the road.

Follow the ledge and jump on the pipe and use it to jump down to northeastern section. Now, go through the hole in the floor to get this datacron.

Willpower +
Location. Abandoned Hospital
Go through the emergency exit in the area beneath the destroyed building in the abandoned hospital. The emergency exit is hidden behind a stack of boxes, go through and you should get the datacron.

Green Matrix Shard (Requires 2 Players)
Location. Abandoned Power Plant (Southwest of the eastern Flight Path should take you to this plant). When you walk inside the plant, head east and you will see it above you on a pipe.

In the lower section of the same area is a control console with a button. Stand on the platform behind the control panel. Here, when you press the button, it will shoot you into the rafters, hence requires two players.

Tatooine Datacrons Locations

Aim +
Location. Dune Sea
Coordinates. X: 726, Y:862
Look for this datacron on the southeast wall of the Dune Sea. You can jump down on it from the zone to the east.

Cunning + (Republic)
Location. Inside Anchorhead
On top of the walls in the northeast side, follow through to the south but stay on the roofs. Go towards the middle of the town and you will see this datacron.

Cunning + (Empire)
Location. Mos Ila
Coordinates. X:-403, Y:-3910
Look for a triangular canopy in the southwestern side of Mos Ila. Jump up to the west corner and go northeast. Drop down to walk across the stone archway.

Once you have crossed the archway, take a right, and jump across the buildings. Take a left across the bridge and jump more. You should find the datacron on the rooftop.

Blue Matrix Shard
Location. Dune Sea
Southeast corner of the Dune Sea, Jump on the Jawa Balloon. Take the ride, enjoy it and jump down in the west side of the zone.

Balloon will fly directly above the crawler, so don’t hastily jump early, you can even walk off of it.

Strength +
Location. It is directly below the Blue Matrix Shard.

Willpower +
Location. Jundland
Coordinates. X:624, Y:199
East side of Jundland, in the northern area full of sand people, look for this datacron on the outcropping of the cliff face. Drop off the side of the cliff into a cave to south-west to see the datacron.

Tython Datacrons Locations

Endurance +
Location. Mountain Pass – Elarian Trail
Coordinates. X: -34, Y: -101, Z: -35
Go east to the waterfall river valley in the mountains and follow the river away from the waterfall. You should find a cave at (Tython River Valley X: -28, Y: 12, Z: -29).

Get in the cave and look for the datacron on a ledge overlooking the Jedi Temple.

Willpower +
Location. Tython Upper Kaleth
Coordinates. X: -641, Y: -71, Z: 35
You will find this datacron on the third plateau in the Ruins of Kaleth. To reach there, take the stairs from the ground level and turn right. Continue through the ruined building that is directly in front of you.

From the fallen column, go to the second floor and from there, take the fallen column on your right and you should see the datacron glowing on the ridge in front of you.

Blue Matrix Shard Assembly
Location. Forge
Coordinates. X: -93, Y: 920, Z: 93
From Forge Remnants, head south through the Flesh Raider encampments, and look for a small path at (X: -198, Y: 86, Z: 800).

Follow the path through the ruined building and look for the datacron on top of another ruin to the right with a Flesh Raider worshiping it.

Voss Datacrons Locations

Endurance +
Location. Shrine of Healing
Click the healing in the back right corner in the Shrine, then click the datacron.

Presence +
Location. Nightmare Lands – Meditate at Shrine
Northeast corner of the Nightmare Lands in the lake.

Willpower +
Location. Southwest of Town
Drop down into the chasm safely to retrieve this datacron.

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